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Yesterday Myosotis Neustrie informed us that the Annual General Meeting of Neustrie Province was to be held this morning at 10.30 a.m. This was a scoop because none of the province’s WMs had received the summons. Myosotis Neustrie published it for them. link


Neustrie is one of the most anti-Stifani Provinces of all the GLNF with virtually every Lodge solidly behind their former PGM and in direct conflict with the most recent Stifani nomination. So it was to be expected that with no official notification and communication depending upon the fraternal “grapevine”, there would be few present in the Temple at Cléon this morning.


Roughly 30, certainly not enough to fill the room to overflowing. And among the 30, the vast majority were from the blue apron brigade. The grass roots level Brethren were conspicuous by their absence. Ephesse’s official emissary, the DGM, Etienne L…….e, was preaching to the converted. There is virtually no risk that his message will filter through to the Lodges.


In Ancient Greece, when the news was bad, they killed the messenger. What is the DGM’s life expectancy ?

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John Sage 11/06/2011 16:43

It's starting to be a "Badge of Honour" being struck off! I wonder what the % is of those that have had the chop as opposed to those that kiss ass!

Winnie 11/07/2011 12:14

We are reaching the point where a meeting of all those suspended, excluded or struck off would require hiring the Stade de France whereas the other group
could meet in a telephone booth and still close the door ! each time you hear of a Brother or Lodge that is sanctioned by Stifani or a PGM pass the information to LML in English and to the FMR
legal advisory team. Their contact is on the FMR blog. And keep encouraging avery Brother, WM and Lodge you know to rally to the ULRF

John Sage 11/05/2011 21:39

What a surprise. I like many WM's in Neustrie would avoid Cleon like the plaque! If Marc Caire called a meeting even us in the UK would flock to his side. Anything to subvert FS and his idiot

Winnie 11/06/2011 15:30

Just for information, at yesterday's fiasco at Cléon Marc Caire received the ultimate Stifani distinction, he was struck off the GLNF