FMR - Myosotis meets in Tours !!!

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FMR – Myosotis meets in Tours !!!


Last Saturday April 9th 27 Myosotis moderators and the FMR leaders met in Tours to discuss the reforms necessary to put the GLNF back on the rails.


The central element was the Livre Blanc and the many contributions made by Brethrn from all corners of the GLNF. Obviously the events of the past week, in particular the resistance movement from an initial 8 PGMs (now more than a dozen), formed an integral part of the discussions.


The major points to come out of the seminar are :


The departure of François Stifani and those close to him

The reform of the GLNF by a total re-writing of the Statutes, Constitutions and By-Laws is the major priority.

This reform comes before any question of the election of a new Grand Master. Under the current statutes the election of a Grand Master gives him absolute power for a period of 5 years. For this reason all declarations of candidatures or speculations on possible candidates are inappropriate at this time.

If for reasons of compliance with recognition by international regular Freemasonry and with the Laws of the Republic it is necessary to have a Grand Master during the period of reform the task would be given to a brother of impeccable credentials, of irreproachable conduct and he must undertake in writing to occupy the position for that period and no more. His role will not be one of a “spiritual guide” (one of those is enough for a long time !!!), but rather, an architect overseeing a major reconstruction site.

The reform of the GLNF will necessarily take some time, an estimated 6 – 12 months. During that time a committee (Comité de Salut Public) comprising Brethren from the FMR-Myosotis organisation and members of the current management team who are not implicated in the “scandals” will run the GLNF during the transition period. All members of the current management team who work in this committee will have to undertake to drop out once the necessary reforms are implemented.

The Lodge and its WM will be at the heart of the “new” GLNF.

The Provinces will be replaced by a number of “Regions”, the nature and geographic extent has not yet been defined. Each Lodge will elect 2 delegates to the Regional Council, which would elect its Regional Grand Master and its 2 Regional delegates to the Grand National Council.

The Grand National Council, an emanation from the Regions, themselves emanations from the Lodges, will become the heart of the “new” GLNF.

Following the reform period the new Grand Master will have a mandate of 3 years.


There is still much to do but Saturday was another major step forward, as was Montreuil.

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