FMR ups the ante

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The timing is not innocent. And no doubt it is just the first of a number of legal manœuvres that will occur over the next couple of weeks in the run-up to the December 3rd meeting of Grand Lodge. LML in English believes François Stifani has no right to be calling what is the most important meeting in the GLN F annual masonic calendar. But, the statutes state clearly that the Grand Lodge meeting takes place on the first Saturday in December.


Today, FMR sent a registered mail letter to Maître Legrand putting her on notice to call a meeting of the Pardon Commission (Commission de Recours Gracieux) before next Saturday, November 19th. link


Translation : registered letter on FMR letterhead dated November 14th, 2001




In a letter dated may 4th, 2011 we sent you a request to call a meeting of the pardon Commission. This letter was signed by more than 200 Brethren with a view to proceedings against the GLNF according to article 9 of the Statutes. Please find attached a copy of the letter and the list of signatories.


Our dissent concerns the payment of dues for the 2010-2011 period and any complementary dues in the absence of an annual general meeting that you are required to call.


The lack of response on your part is sufficient justification that we have fulfilled out statutory obligations prior to engaging legal proceedings.


The illegitimate authorities of the GLNF currently hold themselves to have the authority to send registered letters threatening exclusion to Brethren who have not paid these dues, a practice you appear to uphold. These are manoeuvres tending to forbid those who are opposed to François Stifani from voting.


This letter puts you on notice to call a meeting of this commission without delay and, at the very latest, Saturday Novelmber 19th, 2011. Failing this, and because of the urgency, we shall instruct our counsel accordingly to protect our rights.


As our letter is part of the procedures of article 9 of the aforementioned statutes we wil not understand an absence of response on your part.


Awaiting your immediate reply.



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