Founding new regular lodges in France

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Projects to found new English speaking lodges in France exist in several regions: NW, N, Britanny, SW etc.
As most of the intending founders need to be in good standing with the UGLE, recognition of any lodges they found is essential.
Therefore, as the GLNF is not in any real sense regular, and will possibly soon cease to be recognised, petitions for consecration cannot be applied forfrom the GLNF. In any case, the Provinces have been deaf to our requests for years now.
A new Obedience or District for France will one day appear on the horizon.
In the meantime, intending founders of new lodges can continue to hold informal meetings and rehearsals.
It is in fact a good time to be working on such projects. English brethren can now  be looking at the unheard of!  Lodges working in English on the French Rite  and Ancient and Accepted Rite, a challenge as good as joining a new "side degree" in England, and withall the time in the world to rehearse until D day!  (Emulation too, of course, but that is more routine)
If any readers of  Myosotis in English wish to join a team of founders, contact can be made by using the CONTACT below.

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Jean-Pierre PETILLON 01/25/2011 18:13

Most of the BB of my Lodge, Builders of the Silent Cities GLNF #12 in Lille would be happy to learn that such solution is possible !

Big Ben 01/24/2011 13:19

This idea is interesting, because there is no longer FM regular spirit en France, except in the mind of BB "raped by their parents".

For instance in the last communication of GLNF-Actualité, a new of criterium evocated many times par F.Stifani on TV appears officially: the "carnet d'adresses" or address portfolio

Many BB received for a few years, entered FM for the address portfolio. These BB have serious difficulties to understand why rituals exist and the way they can operate.

So the idea to create LL from GLNF corpse under UGLE regulation is interesting.

Then a few years later, not in a hurry, why not create a new regular GL by UGLE in France.

BB motivated by address portfolio will ba happy to stay with F Stifani, the other will be happy to leave him.

I should be pleased to participate to this revival.