François Koch replies to François Stifani

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LML in English has already reported on the letter François Stifani sent to the Grand Masters of Grand Lodges right throughout the world (196 in fact !!!). In it he accuses François Koch, journalist with the French public affairs weekly “L’Express” of publishing false information and slanderous articles.


On his blog “La Lumière” link François Koch replies to the accusations :


  1. François Stifani claims he has made several complaints to the courts concerning alleged slander. François Koch who would be the first to know if such complaints had been made confirms that no such action has occurred.  Regular readers will recall that François Stifani has made similar claims in the past (against the person who forged his signature on a letter to the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, for example). And the same regular readers have yet to see the slightest evidence of these formal complaints.


  1. François Stifani claims that François Koch is the co-author of a book on Freemasonry with Alain Bauer, former Grand Master of the Grand Orient of France. According to François Koch that is totally false. Both he and Bauer were interviewed separately by authors Emmanuelle Duverger and Robert Ménard. The results of these interviews were published in the same book but without the slightest joint collaboration of Koch and Bauer.


Just another couple of examples of how François Stifani arranges the facts to put himself in the best possible light. 

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