François Stifani, don't think of going to Tahiti !!!

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François Stifani, don’t think of going to Tahiti !!!


Knowing his habit of jetting off to tropical islands (flying first class, obviously, and staying in 5 star hotels, obviously, at the Brethren’s expense, MOST OBVIOUSLY !!!) LML in English is please to announce that François Stifani will not be travelling to Tahiti in the near future, at least not as part of any GLNF delegation. The PGM of the largest French territory has already signed a declaration refusing to recognise François Stifani and placing himself and his Province under the protection of Maître Legrand.


François Stifani has informed him that failing a withdrawal of his declaration before the coming weekend he will be suspended. Our ex Grand Master has forgotten that when roused the Polynesians can be particularly belligerent. Many of the earliest missionaries discovered that to their eternal regret !!!


Hearing that their PGM was about to be suspended 27 of our Polynesian Brothers, all WMs or Provincial Officers, have written the following telling François Stifani that he can put his suspension in the same place as his coconuts !!! link

The Brethren of Polynesia, have just learned that their Provincial Grand Master, Philippe G….. must withdraw before the end of the weekend from the official declaration of which he was a signatory and, if not, he would be suspended.


We, all the Worshuipful Masters in place and those elect, all the Provincial Officers of French Polynesia, representing all the Brethren of this beautiful Province at the other end of the world, affirm :


Solidarily and unanimously support the decision of our Provincial Grand Master to place his signature (thereby engaging all of us) on this official declaration known as “7+3”.

Support and encourage the position of our Provincial Grand Master in his firmness and his maintaining it so, since the precision of this declaration is coherent with our feelings.

Without a spirit of polemic and in all serenity we say that if our Provincial Grand Master were to be suspended we will assume the consequences.


Sincerely and solemnly we wish that the troubles generated 18000 km from us, which trouble our Labour and tarnish the image of our GLNF Obedience that we love so much, we wish that they cease. This remark is present everywhere in our Province and in the Grand Lodges of the Pacific with whom we have the closest fraternal relations for decades.


Considering that it is no longer possible to stand behind a Grand Master who has surrendered his mandate and who has no respect for the decisions of justice, we reiterate our total confidence in our provincial grand Master, who, until the election of a new Grand Master, remains the sole representative of the GLNF in French Polynesia.


That is our conviction as masons of Polynesia, land of tradition and Tolerance.


Up till now we have been proud to be members of the GLNF.


We have spoken !!!

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