François Stifani gets a 2 month reprieve....he hopes

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François Stifani gets a 2 month reprieve…he hopes


The letters arrived yesterday, sent to members of the Sovereign Grand Committee. link The next meeting, scheduled for march 18th 2011 has been put off to a much later date, a minimum of 6 weeks.


The reasons ? The GLNF appeal against the Supreme Court of Paris decision of December 7th 2010 closes the file documents on March 17th for a hearing listed for April 5th. The decision will be announced at the beginning of May,approximately. In the light of this the self-proclaimed spiritual guide had decided to postpone the meeting, probably until mid-May, another 2 months gained !!


Or so he hopes…


Maybe the EX-Grand Master (the one who resigned of his own volition) but who still believes he has all the rights and privileges of office (1st class air travel, accommodation in the top “palaces”, dining at the best tables in the land, keys to the executive bathroom….), maybe he has forgotten that the December 7th judgement was ordered for immediate execution, and that his attempt to avoid its execution was thrown out with disdain by the judge. To date we have not even a glimmer of an execution. This will not please the French Ministry of Justice, almost 12 weeks have passed and a total of 6 months will have disappeared before even the slightest hope of an AGM begins to show. It is for this very reason that the FMR lawyer, Batonnier Teitgen, has announced that he intends to request the quashing of the appeal by the administrative court.


What’s more, it is also for this same reason that the court appointed a temporary administrator, to organise the AGM. To date the members of the GLNF are frustrated to note that she does not appear to have progressed very far.

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