François Stifani gives his interpretation of the facts to the Americans !!!

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In the great tradition of masonic friendship between France and the United States (Benjamin Franklin and Lafayette, just to name a couple) François Stifani has decided to keep the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio up to date on recent events within the GLNF. LML in English readers will immediately recognise that our Ex-Grand Master has, as usual, interpreted the facts to make himself Persil white and place all the blame elsewhere. Those who are adept in the language of such great Masons as Winston Churchill or Oscar wilde will notice that François Stifani's letter is not in English, but rather in "translated French". Could it be that his circle is now so small that no-one can come to grips with what GBS called "the language of Milton, Shalespeare & the Bible" ???

On May 9th François Stifani wrote :

Le Grand Maître

Free & Accepted Masons of Ohio

To the Worshipful Grand Master Terry W. Posey

Sending by mail :

Paris, May, 9th, 2011

Most Worshipful Grand Master, My Dear Terry,

Considering the excellent relationships existing between all the Regular Grand Lodges,

and in particular between our respective Grand Lodges, I wish to take you posted on very

important decisions I just took in order to safeguard the unity of the “Grande Loge

Nationale Française” and to keep it within the regularity and the international recognition


Our Grand Lodge is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, in 2013, and since its

constitution, it kept on making its best to build and deserve an unquestionable reputation.

It contributed and still works to the prosperity and development of regular Freemasonry all

around the world, making possible the establishment of new Grand Lodges in Europe,

Africa, and South East Asia.

Above the increasing organizational difficulties GLNF very rapid growth has been

generating since the past 20 years, the opportunistic interference of “High Degree”

Jurisdictions into our Grand Lodge management, including into daily life of our Lodges,

proved and totally identified, is among the major causes of the troubles we have currently

been facing for one year and a half.

At three times during the past 8 months, the Supreme Council of the Ancient and

Accepted Scottish Rite, the Modern Rite Grand Chapter and the Rectified Priory, jointly

issued, under their rulers’ signatures, “solemn statements”, directly interfering in our

affairs, on the basis of wrong interpretations of our Statutes and By Laws. These

statements, dated 3rd and 10th of December, 2010, and 4th of February, 2011, were widely

circulated in France and abroad aiming at slandering GLNF as well as my own person and

my function of Grand Master.

Our numerous attempts to meet the heads of these Jurisdictions and to avoid the present

situation remained fruitless, and the “Grande Loge Nationale Française” regrets to decide

that very day to withdraw the decrees of friendship and recognition granted to these

Jurisdictions on December, 2007. This withdrawal will remain in force until all clarifications

are made about their intentions, and principles of non-interference are clearly redefined in

accordance with the Article 5 of the Recognition Charter (1929 and 1949).

I entrust RWB Jean-Claude TARDIVAT, Deputy Grand Master of Honor, to deal with them

in order to solve that matter.


I will take the opportunity of the World Conference of the Regular Grand Lodges, I will

attend next days, to more widely discuss that matter with you.

In the meantime, I thank you to convey to your Grand Lodge Brethren the most fraternal

regards of all the GLNF members.

Yours fraternally and sincerely,

François Stifani

Grand Maître

For our French speaking readers :


Paris, le 9 mai, 2011


Au T.R.G.M. Terry W.Posey


Très Respectable Grand Maître, Mon Cher Terry,


Compte-tenu des relations excellentes qui existent entre toutes les Grandes Loges Régulières, et particulièrement entre nos deux Grandes Loges, je souhaite vous mettre au courant des décisions très importantes que je viens de prendre afin de protéger l’unité de la GLNF and de la maintenir dans la régularité et la charte de la reconnaissance internationale.


Notre Grande Loge va célébrer son centenaire en 2013 et, depuis sa constitution, elle a œuvré constamment pour construire et mériter une réputation sans faille. Elle a contribué et elle continue de travailler pour la prospérité et le développement de la Maçonnerie Régulièrepartout dans le monde, et elle a permis la création de nouvelles Grandes Loges ici en Europe, en Afrique et en Asie Sud Est.


Au-delà des difficultés croissantes d’organisation de la GLNF liées à l’augmentation rapide d’effectif depuis 20 ans, l’interférence opportuniste des Juridictions des Hauts Grades dans la gestion de notre Grande Loge, y compris dans la vie quotidienne de nos Loges, prouvée et totalement identifiée, est parmi les causes principales des problèmes que nous confrontons depuis 18 mois.


Trois fois ces derniers 8 mois le Suprême Conseil du REAA, du Grand Chapitre du Rite Moderne et du Prieuré Rectifié, ont publié conjointement, sous signature de leurs dirigeants, des « déclarations solennelles », en se mêlant directement dans nos affaires, sur la base des interprétations erronées de nos Statuts et de nos Règlements. Ces déclarations, datées le 3 et le 10 décembre 2010 et le 4 février 2011, ont été diffusées en France et à l’étranger avec, pour objet, de diffamer la GLNF ainsi que ma personne et ma fonction de Grand Maître.


Nos nombreux essais de rencontrer les dirigeants de ces Juridictions et d’éviter la situation actuelle n’ont pas abouti et la GLNF regrette d’avoir décidé ce jour même de retirer les décrets d’amitié et de reconnaissance accordés à ces Juridictions en décembre 2007. Ce retrait restera en vigueur jusqu’à ce que toute clarification soit faite de leurs intentions et que les principes de non-interférence soient redéfinis  selon l’Article 5 de la Chartede Reconnaissance (1929 et 1949).


Je confie au TRF Jean-Claude Tardivat, DGM d’Honneur, la tâche de les rencontrer afin de régler cette affaire.


Lors du Congrès Mondial des Grandes Loges Régulières où j’assisterai, je prendrai le temps de discuter plus amplement ce dossier avec vous.


Entre temps ; Je vous remercie de transmettre aux Frères de votre Grande Loge les salutations les plus fraternelles des membres de la GLNF.


Très fraternellement et très sincèrement.


François Stifani

Grand Maître

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Comment on this post

première victoire 05/25/2011 20:02

It seems as if Terry W.Posey to whom this letter has been sent, is no longer the Grand Master Of Ohio Grand Lodge. I 've been told, and that would be funny, that he has been replaced 10 months ago!
That ,if it is confirmed would be a nice confirmation of Stifani's perfect knowledge in diplomatic matters.
We have learned to know it, some Ohio brothers are going to discover it, maybe!

Winnie 05/25/2011 21:03

You're right, which means François Stifani is wrong (AGAIN !!!). The current GM of the GL of Ohio is MWB Bradford Alan Goebel, installed 10 months ago. And
you don't need to be Einstein to find out. Just click on !!!

Ymlaen 05/25/2011 08:30

His letter reminds me of the excuse given by small children in primary school "It wasn't me, Miss, the others made me do it".

Winnie 05/25/2011 18:14

Dear Brother Ymlaen,

Poor François, nothing's going as he hoped. In the 2nd paragraph of his letter to Terry Povey he indulges in an exercise of self congratulation concerning
the creation of Lodges in other parts of the world, including SE Asia. Within the next hour I will post the letter from 7 WMs in China, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand rejecting François
Stifani's sacking of our Brother Jacques Parot and his summons before the Disciplinary Council. The holiday season will soon be on us. Poor François, the number of possible destinations for some
R&R is diminishing daily !!! Is there a sundeck on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker ???

Chicon au gratin 05/24/2011 19:48

François Stifani lies to GL of OHIO whe he writes that side degrees have interfered with GLNF working. They have denied his authority lost when he has himself resigned of GLNF board. That's all and
they never took the power upon the three first degrees which are still under GLNF jurisdiction.

It's a true lie, speciality of Francois Stifani.

Reality deserves to be mentioned to GL of Ohio, isn't ?

Winnie 05/24/2011 20:10

Dear Brother Chicon au Gratin,

The GL of Ohio is aware that François Stifani's story is not even close to the truth. They have been invited to subscribe to LML in English



The Penguin 05/24/2011 18:09

François Stifani can't even get it right when he's writing to the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. The current Grand Master is Bradford Alan Goebel, installed 8 months ago in October 2010.
A simple click on would have told him that !!! Terry Posey is the immediate Past Grand Master.

Winnie 05/24/2011 18:18

Over the past months François Stifani hasn't got much right at all. His batting average in the courtroom is disastrous, he loses PGMs faster than I'm losing
my hair, the Brethren don't want to know him, the Council of Elders have downed tools and no GM worth his weight in blue aprons would be seen dead with him !!!