François Stifani sacks the Grand Secretary !!!

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François Stifani sacks the Grand Secretary !!!


True to his habitual elegance François Stifani has sacked Jacques Rodier, Grand Secretary of the GLNF by a simple e-mail sent at 11 p.m.on May 11th, a definite confirmation that Rodier has joined the illustrious group of those former highly placed Brethren who are now in disgrace.


Rodier has declared that he wanted to resign but is relieved that his sacking came first. Stifani accuses him of having left his mobile phone connected to FMR during a meeting with the administrator, Maître Legrand, which Rodier denies.


Rodier points out that both he and Stifani merely tolerated each other and that he was appointed, not by Stifani, but by the Board of the GLNF Association. Meetings with Stifani were not meetings but mere listening to monologues coming from the ex-Grand Master. What finally stuck in Rodier’s craw was having to sign the numerous ordinances suspending high dignitaries of the GLNF. Maybe the final straw for Stifani was that Rodier refused to sign the GLNF declaration of the Jurisdictions.

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jpbernard 05/17/2011 14:37

Did you ever notice that Stifani could well be spelled Stiff Fanny, which explains a good deal of his postures?

Winnie 05/17/2011 16:02

Let's not forget that "Fanny" has 2 entirely different meanings depending upon what side of the atlantic you're on.

John Heimdall 05/16/2011 18:22

Interesting enough, I currently have on my desk a document signed by the Ex-Grand Secretary on .... May 12, 2011. This looks to be the mess in Pisan.

Winnie 05/16/2011 18:37

Without a Grand Secretary the mess can only worsen !!!