François Stifani sends yet another letter to the GMs of GLs in the USA… …and an American Brother gives his opinion !!!

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Obviously worried about how the Grand Masters of Grand Lodges on the other side of the duckpond would interpret lest Friday’s postponement of the decision by the Paris Court of Appeal and even more worried by a recent communication by the Supreme Commanders of the 3 Jurisdictions, François Stifani has sent yet another letter westwards. link


And, as usual, it has merely some sort of resemblance to English. He claims to have 95% of the brethren of the GLNF supporting him. If we accept the membership figure of 45000 (LML in English doesn’t) that means a support of about 42750. Surely among that large number there is at least one Brother capable of translating François Stifani’s French into decent English !!! Or could it be that the total number of Brethren still behind him is far less than that, so reduced that they can all meet together in a phone booth and still close the door ?


The letter is the usual dog’s breakfast of half-truths, falsehoods and stifanatic interpretations of  reality.


At least one American Brother is aware of what is really going on. And, as he points out, the reference to Tom Jackson’s speech (at the recent XIth World Conference  of Grand Lodges in Columbia) was a direct reference to the current crisis of the GLNF. And that Jackson’s own position is far from clear.


E-mail dated June 29th 2011


"Brother XXXXX,

Here's the latest missive fired off to US GLs en masse. 

Let me see if I understand. Stifani is now basing his legitimacy of office upon how a court-appointed attorney addresses him in a letter? LOL!

Apparently, Stifani believes a long excerpt from a speech by Tom Jackson will sufficiently keep US GLs in line. Stifani can flatter himself that Jackson's speech was referencing his own current imbroglio, but the references to the internet and competing appendant bodies are stuck in there because of a fight here in the US over the CBCS body to which Jackson belongs, versus a new one formed this year by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the US by way of a charter from the Scottish Reformed and Rectified Rite of Occitania. Jackson and a handful of members who wanted their CBCS Priory to be an elite supper club of super-special Masons (because the others let in too much riff raff, apparently) ran afoul of the Grand Encampment and the original agreements by which they were allowed to operate in the U.S. So his comments about "no degree higher than the third" is an unintentionally hilarious bit of comedy. And since the Scottish Reformed and Rectified Rite of Occitania was formed by disgruntled GLNF members in the mid-1990s, it's easy to see why Stifani would feel a strong affinity for Jackson's position.

Of course, this letter from Stifani is dated today, and was sent via email. How is anyone to know whether it is for real, or if his signature has been electronically "forged," as he alleges in the Sarkozy letters?

But the real question is, now that the June 27th meeting didn't happen in Paris, what's next?



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Kex 07/05/2011 20:22

The very elitist side degrees practised in the UK and limited to a very few erudite brothers that ventured into France in the 1970s were so selective that they fell into the hands of a hierarchy
aleady well established in GLNF circles. From then onwards, it was only a matter of time before this small bunch of, initially, intellectuals and writers, was taken over by the money makers, the
mass recruiters, the regalia makers the dreamers of Titles. Where the English Orders used minimal regalia, the new French established forms called for elaborate and expensive regalia, sold in
France. When quarrels arose between the English Orders and their newly spawned French off-spring, the latter found that in the US similar Rites and Orders exist. The latter had little hesitation in
claiming new-found-land in Gallia for their American variants, enabling the French to claim independance of the too puristc English founders. once liberated, the French regalia manufacturers had a
free hand. A free hand and a working relationship with all those nostalgic for Titles going back to former Empires!
Sad. But not masonic!

Winnie 07/05/2011 23:58

Dear Brother Kex,


You are so right in what you infer concerning the higher "side degrees". Please make contact  via the "Contact" section of the "presentaion" box of this