François Stifani "snubbed" in Columbia !!!

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On Myosotis PACA link César du Bar de la Marine reports that all did not go as planned for François Stifani at the 11th World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges at Cartagena des Indias in Columbia. This was probably the last chance for our ex-self-proclaimed spiritual guide to be photographed next to the Grand Master of a regular Grand Lodge, no matter what the standing of that Grand Lodge on the international rankings.


Roll out the red carpet, focus the camera, click, clack, thank you Kodak !!!


But no…it wasn’t to happen. On the photos that César has received François isn’t in the front row, he isn’t on the speaker’s podium, he isn’t in the middle of the crowd, and even at the back of the hall we can’t catch the slightest glimpse of the regular correspondent with Nicolas Sarkozy.


Information provided by Brethren present at Cartagena des Indias indicates that François Stifani was refused the title of Grand Master in office, could only be present at the deliberative debates but merely as a spectator !!! He was seated at the end of the row or at the back of the room, depending upon the seating arrangements.


Poor compensation for François who, according to the Pisan bunker propaganda machine, paid his own way, our researches indicating the cost of a return ticket (1st class) in excess of 14000 euros !!!

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