François Stifani suspends the WM of one of the founding Lodges of the GLNF

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The purge continues. I know that in theory all Lodges and all WMs are equal. But you have to admit that some sort of special consideration or treatment  should be given to a Lodge created almost 280 years ago and which was one of two that created what was the predecessor of the GLNF almost a century ago.


Certainly not in the eyes of the Pisan dictator.


The R.L. “L’Anglaise 204” 2 in Bordeaux, founded in 1732 had the temerity to call upon the support of the UGLE (LML in English reported that yesterday).


In a letter dated yesterday July 26th, the members are informed by the WM elect that the WM has been suspended and replaced by a Brother named by the the PGM. link


A Brother I respect immensely and who has infinitely more masonic experience than me (he’s 33°, member of the SGC, member of the now defunct Council of the Elders, etc) suggested recently that François Stifani might even attempt to suspend the Great Architect. My Friend and Brother is totally mistaken. François Stifani is firmly convinced he IS the Great Architect !!!

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KB 08/03/2011 15:03

In fact I have observed along the years that much problems originates from people who claim to be believers for convenience sake ! Yet it is taboo to say so !!

George Philpott 07/28/2011 23:25

errrrr... Perhaps masonry in France is different: but surely all lodgesa are private, and so unless a lodge (or a WM ) has broken the ancient landmarks, then it is up to the lodge to decide who
should be the WM?
Indeed lodges can do whatever they like unlees they break the landmarks?


Winnie 07/29/2011 10:22

Brother George,

Things are very different on this side of "La Manche", and even differenter in Stifani Land ! Under the rule of the 3 ruffian Fellow Craft (Ephesse 1st, Big
Moustache and CC) the structure of the GLNF has been progressively and surrepticioisly modified over the past 15 yearsto achieve their aim : a totally centralised structure where each Lodge is a
dependancy of its Province and each Province is a dependancy of the GLNF. As such, if a WM doesn't toe the line he can be summarily removed, be he within the landmarks or not. This gives you an
idea of why so many of us are up in arms against the Stifani tyranny. But right will prevail.