François Stifani, the G20 & the Ten Commandments

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It occurred back in 2009 but the full story has just been revealed by L’Express journalist, François KOCH. link


François Stifani has never hidden his double ambition to be top “Brother” of the largest Obedience in France and to develop his contacts with the right wing of French politics. Readers well recall the famous “forged” letter to Nicolas Sarkozy and the official reply he claims he never received.


To achieve his ambitions François Stifani concocted a phantom cabinet, his personal G20, including representatives of the other French irregular Obediences, non-Masons and the ultimate GLNF heresy, women ! Why ? To double the GLNF membership from 40 000 to 80 000 AND to create a support body for the President of the Republic (to whom he doesn’t write a whole 13 times and whose reply he doesn’t receive and who didn’t grant his request for the Légion d’Honneur !)


The “Ten Commandments”, the code of behaviour required of Stifani’s G20, reads like a recruitment notice for Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” (it is reproduced in Koch’s article).


You will always respect the G20 Order

Under no circumstances will you reveal the secrets discussed at the meetings

You will always be loyal to the Grand Master François Stifani

You will never accept a bribe

Etc, etc, etc


Not only is he Grand Master of the GLNF, François Stifani sees himself as Grand Master of the other French Obediences (including the feminine ones) and Grand Master of the non-masonic world as well, the ultimate link between the Great Architect and we, mere mortals. Captain of the Universe ! This is MEGALOMANIA in very large doses !


To ensure the meetings run to form he recruits a couple of communication “heavies”, Guillaume JUBLOT, department head of one of Sarkozy’s ministers (and the man who supplies the cigars – see LML,in English, October 25th, 2011) and Frédéric LACAVE, N° 2 to the Île de France Prefect.


As bait to attract the others, François Stifani quotes the presence (as an invited guest) of Jean SARKOZY, General Councillor of the Hauts de Seine Department (and coincidentally, eldest son of the French President !). There is no proof that Sarkozy ever attended the Stifani G20. In fact, non-Mason Arnaud TEULLE, former Elysée advisor and, as such, G20 member, categorically denies the allegation.


Among the other members were the Freemason François GUEANT, son of the current Minister of the Interior and former administrative director of the Elysée Palace, Cyrille DECHENOIX, general councillor of the Hauts de Seine Department, Fabrice MORENON, a senior executive of the SNCF and Malika BENLARBI, head of communication and external relations for the Maghreb and the Middle East for L’Oréal. Ministerial advisors Alain JACQUES and Claude GIRARD were also members of the G20.


Officially the G20 existed to further the external relations of the GLNF and to enhance its public image. But unofficially, its raison d’être was the proselytism and transformation of the GLNF into a right wing Grand Orient.


All this has nothing to do with Regular and Recognised Traditional Freemasonry. François Stifani was doing what he does best, selling hot air. Fortunately for us the whole charade only lasted about 12 months and the G20 was disbanded at the end of 2009, just about the time when 35 Brethren had the courage to stand up at the meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee, remove their aprons and say, “NON !!!”









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