French Polynesia disappears off the map !!!

Published on by Winnie

Not content with having Grand Lodges across the face of the globe suspending relations or withdrawing recognition of the GLNF, François Stifani has decided upon a new level of self-destruction. Why waste time and effort excluding a single Brother or a mere Lodge ? With today’s technology a couple of minutes at the computer and you can make an entire region of the world’s largest ocean disappear.

Gloog, gloog, gloog !!! Bye bye French Polynesia Province !!! Down the Pacific gurgler !!!


The thought of visiting a Lodge under the coconut palms of Bora Bora or the Marquesis Islands will have to remain a dream.

French Polynesia Province enjoys excellent relations with the Grand Lodges of Hawaii, New Zealand and the Australian States. Do not be surprised to read of new suspensions of relations or recognition in the days to come.

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Mark Keystone 12/17/2011 14:38

It seems that this is just a continuation of the situation reported in blog entry back in May. PGM on the list of 14, VMs and PGOs publicly supporting the PGM. So the destruct button pushed some
time ago by Ephesse. He just can take his finger off it!!! It's the action of a desparate man really IMHO.