French Rite or French Wrong ???

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In a previous article “The strange sense of geography at the GLNF” we mentioned that there was more in the text of the cryptic e-mail sent by the Provincial Grand Secretary of a Province on the Riviera. The more is this :


« La consécration de GARIMON ne commence qu’après. »


Translation : The GARIMON consecration only starts afterwards.


So what ? For information, Garimon is the name of the new Chapter of the French Rite (more commonly known as the Moderns’ Rite in the rest of the world).


Winnie is no expert on the French Rite but it would appear that the only person authorised to create a new Chapter of the French Rite here in France is the Supreme Commander of the Grand French Chapter (Suprême Commandeur du Grand Chapitre Français). Not only that but he is the only person authorised to consecrate a new Chapter (with the possibility to delegate to his Deputy Commander under certain circumstances).


And we have been informed by a most reliable source that Paul Fallet, Supreme Commander, the only person who can decide on such a question, was neither consulted nor invited to the consecration of the Garimon Chapter.


Despite his having attended the consecration of the Province des Sources which preceded the Garimon consecration we cannot confirm that François Stifani was there for the Chapter ceremony. Be that as it may, he was certainly aware that the ceremony was going to occur.


Paul Fallet, like the heads of the two other major Jurisdictions, has been suspended from the GLNF by François Stifani, a definite sign of public esteem in these troubled times. But that would in no way prevent him from consecrating a new Chapter as that is a French Rite higher degree ceremony, nothing whatsoever to do with the GLNF (other than the fact that it all took place in the GLNF Temple in Cannes, further evidence of strange geographical notions for a Chapter to be based in Saint Etienne in the Auvergne).


So if Paul Fallet was not consulted could it be that this is the first tangible proof of rumours that François Stifani is attempting to create Masonic Orders and Jurisdictions that will march to his tune, a sort of clone of the Grand Orient’s Grand College of Rites ? If the answer is “Yes” then he is way, way, way outside the Landmarks !!!

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