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From Egypt



Here within the GLNF we complain about the authoritarian and arbitrary behaviour of our self-proclaimed spiritual guide. But everything is relative. Over recent weeks in 2 Mediterranean countries only a few hours flight from our shores popular uprisings have overthrown totalitarian regimes which brooked no criticism on resistance. Frankly we are lightyears from what these people underwent for many years.


LML in English has no intention of taking some sort of political stance concerning what has occurred in Tunisia and Egypt. What follows comes from an Egyptian Brother who has supported the FMR Myosotis position since the earliest days.


Many thanks to Arturusrex for his editorial assistance.


A lesson of history...


Some people leave us their example, others just lessons of history…


We have been given access to our Free Will.


You must continue the combat for the prospects of the 5th of February  last and not allow yourselves to be misled by the words “Order and Obedience” which are purely administrative and intended to wrongly manipulate you.


Truth lies in the paths of initiation, which will raise you up and their exemplary practice will enhance your lives and those of the members.


Let us protect our Rites and their Filiations! With work!           


The Sovereign Grand Commander of the National Grand Orient of Egypt and Friends.


Alexandria on February 12th  2011 by cerumo@.........






My personal reflections on free will.


When Aristotle speaks of free will and man, he confuses the referee and the players.


In the game between intelligence and will, it is intelligence that accordingly has to arbitrate

while, at the same time, taking part against the will.


In so doing, it founds the basis of intellectualism that  will lead to scholastic Thomism:


Real arbitration over a man’s life is exerted by intelligence, which alone can oppose Well (Good) to Will, and thereby lead on to flawless Well or Perfection.


When Thomas Aquinas speaks of free will and man, he also confuses the referee and the players.


Because in the game between intelligence and will, accordingly, it is will that arbitrates.


This will lead to that school of thought called “nominalist”, that will nourish Descartes’ voluntarism.


Man’s will is his ability to determine without a cause that will opens the way to the discovery of conscience, that replaces reason in the guidance of free will, the eye of God in the heart of a free man.


In both cases, one does not speak of the liberty of man but of the liberty of will or of intelligence, taken as referees in the game that makes them opponents.


If intelligence is the referee, it is obviously intelligence that will be necessary to liberate reason


If will is the referee, it is the will that will be necessary to liberate all internal or external constraints.


Really, the only arbiter of my life can by myself, sole and entire arbiter of my life that is sole and entire, entirely intelligence and will.


I am also liberty, that creative energy of all my acts, that, beyond their contradictoriness, define the happy man I seek to be.




National Grand Orient of Egypt


Alexandria and Cairo, Friday 11th February 2011


International Communiqué


The Egyptian People has the honour to proclaim its joy and honour on becoming a people free and responsible through acknowledgment of its aspirations .


Arab Freemasonry will thus now be able to resume its responsibilities aiming to work at the service of the Egyptian People for its happiness and education.


Beneath the Banner of the National Grand Orient of Egypte

founded in 1876


The Minister of State Grand Chancellor of the Rites


Chams El Bachawati.

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Thomas Dowter 02/16/2011 21:34

Grand Orient of Egypt. Many other Grand Orients also. Good, if not recognised. They could be. They have survived through periods of tyranny and corruption, without being corrupt. In France it is
the opposite. Thomas Dowter

Marshmuchmulcher 02/16/2011 20:43

Our friendship is with these peoples. But come off it when you think we are lightyears away. There are a few heads of state and a masonic setup in Europe in the same mess.It would be interesting if
the Arab example were to set in here. muchmarshmulcher