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GLNF and corruption, internal and international.

The following article, backed up by links to documents and books on open sale in France, is perhaps the most complete collection of incriminating scandals involving the GLNF nationally and in Africa.


Signed by Vercingétorix and posted on Myosotis Rouvray Blog, December 28th 2010.

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From  Mr S to Mr X

One year ago the greatest crisis in the history of the GLNF exploded on us. The roots of the evil are to be found in this extract from the book Noir Chirac

 Link to extract: Extrait de Noir Chirac

TR/ we propose a short extract of this book in résumé:

In 1965 NATO quit France, partly emptying quite a few lodges. Amongst others Jean Mons (Grand Master) was involved in post NATO operations, masonically and otherwise, e.g. finance for the Indo-China war, much an affair for the Secret Services. He and Yves T. , Gr Sec, managed then to recruit from “wealthy and influential” milieux: industrialists, financiers, politicians, judiciary, military, secret services, taking membership of the GLNF from 5000 to 20000 members. They then turned to Africa and  “recruited” Omar Bongo, Denis Sassou Nguesso,  Hassan II of Marocco, Blaise Compaoré, Idriss Déby, Paul Biya... all friends of  Jacques Chirac

When Jean Mons died in 1989, the notary of Jacques Chirac, André Roux, became Grand Master. By 1992, he wanted to be rid of Charbonniaud and Trestournel. He died in a strange car accident in a Paris street. Some wondered why no post-mortem was carried out. Claude Charbonniaud replaced him. His re-election in 1995 was not without incident. Number three in the hierarchy, Alexander of Yugoslavia, sent him a damning letter of resignation pointing to serious disorders, all of which were of the sort we know today.

Attention was diverted to Gd Sec. Trestournel. The journalists hitched on to him, making much of his African connection and the post-Nato intrigues..Nevertheless, Trestournel continued his doings .It was he who put up Jean-Charles Foellner in 2001 to replace Charbonniaud as Grand Master. His Côte d’Azur lodge was typically for the region  “off the rails” masonically speaking. He then proceeded to claim to overtly clean up the Province. Which meant its more notoriously Mafioso-style  members disappeared, only to resume service in the Parisian lodges. (TR: end of résumé of extract of Black Chirac q.v.)



Mr S:  the one who was supposed to be  the guardian of unity, the defender of values, nay, the very embodiment of them, the reference, who has sent the GLNF spiraling down into chaos. Installed by his predecessor for his essentially non-masonic competences, he is the result of deviances carefully implemented over the years from 1987, or even earlier, onwards. 

Here, as was recalled in the above extract, the then Grand Secretary, Yves T. was involvemed with the continent of Africa. What was the GLNF up to out there, dealing with corrupt and brutal local regimes?. Advance signals of all this did come through to us, via the Press, systematically denounced by the governors of the GLNF. Alas and alack, those press reports were right: and today still, a certain other blog continues to rant against the journalists, who are only doing  their job!

Link to article from Libération entitled LA PAIERIE DU CONGO (CONGO PAY SHOP)


Link to article JCF ET L AFRIQUE, (JCF and Africa) posted on Overblog, May 31st 2010

From all this, we see why Gd Sec. Yves T had to be removed: not to  rid the GLNF of an evil influence, but to put what he was dealing in  into the hands of JCF and his band.

Subsequent attempts such as made by Gérard R. and Jean M. to clean up  the GLNF all failed.

Link: GLNF Un peu d’histoire  (GLNF  A bit of history) to see when these practices originated and who implemented the megalomania.

Here is a link shedding light on the comportment of all today’s heads of the GLNF in the form of prosecutor’s address. Délits PACA (1) (Provence Côte d’Azur offenses)

In the strength of these documents, (and we are far from being able to include them all) a small band of brothers, with the courage of their aspirations and sense of duty, put to Mr S. a manifest (link MANIFESTE2009) , a sort of inventory of the GLNF , fraternal but uncompromising.

These brothers were betrayed by the one they were counting on to squeeze Mr S. out and start the grand renovation, beginning with a careful scrutiny of the accounts .J-C F’s treachery was inevitable and the brothers were courageous but  naïve.  One does not dine with the devil save with a very, very long spoon.

Mr S’s reaction was to disqualify him for ever from the post he occupied.

Link: Réaction-du-GM-aux-propos-du-porte-parole-au-SGC3

The above  link is to an audio recording of the GM expressing himself in his usual vernacular rich in insults and swear words.

For the “rebels”, a very difficult time was to begin. Having been “suspended”, Claude Seiler set about founding FMR to save the lost honour of the GLNF.

Mr S. responded with a Stalinian style process, the Grand Sword Bearer’s well expressed hatred serving as a yard-stick for the governing class officers. The Grand Sword -cum-incense Bearer  (since, fallen from office) even managed to dumbfound his audience when he called Mr S .”infallible Pope”.

The process could have only one possible outcome: exclusion.

Some time before, Mr S. had already been created “ultimate link between God and mankind” by the then Grand Orator (he too now out of office) Mr S. proclaimed himself “Spiritual Guide”:the drift to being a sect was complete. LINK; In this video, Mr S. is seen designating a Brother for recognition by the “grand public” and himself describing  the GLNF as a sect!


For good measure, Mr S. struck a whole province off the map of France. Val de Loire Province underwent martyrdom at the hands of this man who each day showed himself more and more in the light of what he is.

Adding to the list of his misdeeds, he emptied the lodge accounts, charity accounts included, of their contents. Link: Viol du tronc de la Veuve (Rape of the Widow’s Box)

Yes, the two accounts belong to the GLNF, but ethically speaking, that’s rum behavior.

In the tide of events, the first Myosotis Blogs are born; Link:Collectif FMR Myosotis,

Followed by all the others we now know. They cover the whole of our territory. Their principal task is to broadcast information free of the trash of official propaganda.

In this respect, certain individuals we called “brothers” until recently, have shown their deeper nature of non-masons. The better known of them go under the names of Acacia, Gardiens du Temple, FM Tradition. They revel in the repugnant privilege of spreading confusion by the foulest of methods. In a revolting final squirm, they have the audacity to grovel before us with their “let us all love and forgive each other in a brotherly way”.

They hope to smother in silence the two occasions on which their ringleader, Mr S. attempted to confiscate the “brotherly way” for himself.

 The first was at the famous General Assembly of March 25th, when he rejected the brethren’s demand for accounts to be produced and for him and the members of the General Board to resign.

All his attempts gagging and intimidating us, even a massive cyber attack on the Blogs, had failed. LINK:Overblog résiste à une très violente cyber attaque dirig.

The Brethren knew what a terrible state the GLNF was in. The megalomaniacal delirium of Mr S. confirmed by the Avenue Wagram apartment affair had caused a considerable stir.  link: PLAN WAGRAM. This was further confirmed by Jean Solis in an article q.v Link EDITO SOLIS MARS 2010

The pertinent figures analysis of a very senior brother pointed clearly to the lies and dissimulation. LINK EVOL. DES CAPIT

Unfortunately, Mr S., far from submitting to the legitimate decision of the Lodges’ delegates, launched even further into  massive destruction of all about him, and sending his PGMs to rein in the rebels.

Spurious promises in lachrymose terms, to prepare his final revenge (so he thought!) ,

First, he promised a new GA for June (we know what became of that); then an audit of the accounts. Surprise! Instead of an audit, we got a sort of report, just as His Sufficiency had ordered, proving that 2 and 2 made 4. Nothing about the funds. That is when suspicions became legitimate: what are the Grand Mamamoochis up to, that they need to hide from us the way they are using our money?. 

More seriously still, Mr S. and his mate, Mr Bodson, plot how to to infiltrate the lodges. Link: Mail de Bodson à Stifani.

At the same time, Mr S. opens a second line of attack, trying to convince us that  the Supreme Council of the  A&A Scottish Order underlies the manœuvres to bring down the GLNF. He backs up his ridiculous charges by publishing a hoax letter from the Supreme commander of the Order. Link: DEMENTI DU SC, and blaming others for its publication.

Meanwhile, more and more court cases are under way, with the result that FMR and others are overruled by court decisions, but only on matters of form. Mr S.’s  flatterers immediately  make much noise of the matter and declare victory.

We know what was later decided on the basis not of form but  of substance.

Mr S. continues to hog the headlines, offering his services to one,  link Stifani-Sarkozy-courriers-19-01-and ), trying to ensnare another (see the Monaco articles), and lick around   unfrequentable  African dictatorships, raising a newly made fellow-craft mason to Grandmastership in just a few minutes! Link Intronisation du F…Bongo or meddling in our name in the murky waters of Franco-African affairs; Link see Video below.

His biggest red-herring lies in having got  the Law involved in the debate while bellowing at the same time that Law cannot solve the problem, and is not qualified for that. But his African gaffes have heavy consequences at home.

Mr S. takes out a grotesque court case against FMR for unfair competition, demanding 3M euros damages, forgetting conveniently that it would be the brethren who would have to pay! The wherewithal of the case, which he lost: link jugement-18-novembre-2010.

Then was the time of the then  forthcoming GA. Everything had been organized for his formidable, definitive victory…

First, , Mr S. just laughed it off, having, in all illegality,organized a multi-located fragmented GA..

Then he sent in his Prætorian Guard. As in PACA. To end with, he unhesitatingly declared victory, although his statement of general affairs had been outvoted and rejected.

He felt it was coming; the moles-in-the-lodges were meant to make things go his way, but it backfired. Even his most faithful lieutenant, Alain C. , had been coerced into signing a document (which was supposed to remain secret, and for a good reason!) demanding the departure of Mr S. designated as the principal trouble maker. Link: Guyenne-Gascogne réclame le depart de Stifani. This same lieutenant had then to publish a pathetic excuse that   “it wasn’t his fault”.


Letters from very senior brother Semper-Fi asking very precise questions remain unanswered. Link Lettre 4, Lettre 5, Lettre 6.



Then, tired of all this perfidy, lying, deviationism,  breaches of the landmarks, the Sovereign Commanders of the three major Rites twice intervened, followed by companions of the Royal Arch, intervened to reassure the brethren of their solidarity.(see articles posted on this Blog)

That was the context when the court judgment referring to the substance of the matter was made known. Link: GLNF-FMR-7-décembre-2010.

It declared nul and void the multi-located GA, and ordered a new one with President Stifani to include on the Order of Business a ballot to revoke him. His choice was then that of dishonour.

And now, it is Mr EX, who is struggling to cling on and on and on.He shouts tha the law of the land is incompetent; he sends his musclemen into the provinces to rake in the cash; since March 25th, the GLNF has had no approved budget. See link Faux et usage de faux on his methods of extorting money.

We have learned that all his words and speeches are viper tongues and lies tha (joining form)t deceive none but himself.

Some of the brethren have made their stand, others have stood by waiting. All have united in our just fight to regain our values and pride as masons.;

They are ready with concrete proposals in answer to the brethren’s questions. Help by joining us Link fmr-bulletindadhesion (joining form)




Résistez aux pressions, et n'alimentez plus le compte de Monsieur EX.

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