FS in Washington, we have the photo !!!

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Many thanks to Brother Msmnesis for finding it.

FS in Washington 1

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John Heimdall 06/18/2011 14:41

I think that the guy sitting at mr stifani's left is mr tardivat. So, not one but two tickets to be explained...

Winnie 06/19/2011 09:29

Sorry Brother John, I've checked with brethren who know Brother Tardivat very well & it's not him in the photo. Only one air ticket and one hotl bill to
explain !!!

John 06/17/2011 19:35

Yes, indeed but we are talking about this photo. I was wondering about those at Simon Bolivar's statue and those at the OAS.


Winnie 06/18/2011 11:01

Dear Brother John,

I'm trying to find additional photos. Should I succeed I'll post them. 

Mnésis 06/17/2011 17:54

You can get more infomations here...



Winnie 06/18/2011 11:31

Thank you Brother Mnésis, now we know that François Stifani was in Washington for a weekend of celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the
Grand Lodge of Washington DC. I would still like to know who paid for François Stifani to go. If we the Brethren of the GLNF paid, on what grounds could Maître Legrand justify the expense

John 06/17/2011 16:41

So those from the Masonic Press Agency of Romania were right in saying that Stifani attended the events there with full Masonic Regalia.

I am wondering what they have in the other photos and what additional information do they have?

Winnie 06/17/2011 16:46

I've gone through the other photow and there's only one where you can just see a very small man who might be FS but i can't be sure. But the one i've posted
leaves no doubt. I don't know the full purpose of the meeting but it was the Universal Lodge of Washington and the actor, Richard Dreyfuss, received some sort of masonic honour or was elevated to
a high degree.