Full house at "La Perle de la Lumière"

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Full house at « La Perle de la Lumière »


Regular readers of LML inEnglish are aware of the suspension of La Perle de la Lumière Lodge N° 1339 in Alès, Septimanie Province. The Masters of the Lodge unanimously decided to reject all modifications to the Constitutions, Statutes and By-Laws since 1997 and in future to labour according to the 1986 Constitutions, all this in response to the pumping more than dry of their bank account during the month of January. The Provincial Grand Treasurer took out more than 5000 euros by 6 electronic transfers, the end result being that the Lodge is in the red to the tune of almost 5000 euros !!!


Their courageous action got what it deserves in the eyes of the Septimanie PGM, a suspension forbidding them to meet. What most of us would consider as a sign of good recognition in these troubles times !!!


But a mere suspension didn’t stop the Lodge opening last night with a full house. Ten Lodges were represented among the visitors, including numerous WMs and past WMs. All the WMs were accommodated (with difficulty we are told, because of the number) at the East. The meeting was followed by an excellent meal where the true spirit of Masonic Brotherhood prevailed. Long life to la Perle de la Lumière !!!

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pas d'importance 03/06/2011 17:29

Mes FF,

Prenez votre courage à deux mains, frottez vous les yeux, et allez voir ce qui ce passe derrière la boutique de la GLNF.

Regardez la réalité en face, vous verrez comment Chateau-paradis a été monté, la SCI CORONA......

Les plus anciens comprendront pourquoi MEROLI a été viré de la PACA, et pourquoi JCF a imposé l'avocat qui conseille Roukaya FOELLNER son épouse actuelle, Présidente du CA de la FOELLNER HOLDING


Ne démissionnez pas, battez vous dans les loges, partout dans les couloirs, dans vos mails. Faites tourner ces documents. N'arrêtons plus la Lumière sur nos heures sombres.

N'ayez pas peur ils n'ont aucun pouvoir. Plus d’officiers dans les Loges. Le Véné est Chef de l’Ordre.


D'autres révélations viendront dans les prochains jours.....jusqu'à la démission.

Ces documents sont légaux. Ils sont commandables sur société.com.

un vrai gardien du temple au service de notre idéal, donc un bousier !!!!! parce que fouille merde c'est pas élégant.

Winnie 03/06/2011 18:14

My Brother, for the most part I agree with you and, while being no great admirer of Big Moustache, I must point out that the only connection I know between the GLNF and Château du paradis is the
wine served at the GLNF Pisan restaurant. I suppose we do have the right to ask if that market was put to public tender.

Arturusrex 03/05/2011 19:54

We rejoice for the La Perle de Lumière; Their example should encourage all lodges to stand firm. I know of an English speaking lodge or two in France who could benefit from an upsurge in visitors!
But will they have the guts to resist the bullying provincials? Lying low under (the not very dangerous)fireworks never produced heroes or anything very admirable.Why visit such people?
I would say this to them: if you belong to the GLNF and pay your money into its (apparently leaky) coffers, then you can and you must resist even to the point of throwing out any undesirable
vistors from pGL or GL and ignoring all correspondance be it threats be it promises from either of these now legally un-manned organisations.

Winnie 03/06/2011 11:27

Well said, My Brother Arturusrex. To increase the resistance (which generally increases the heat !!) every WM should refuse entry to any visiting NO or PO
who cannot supply answers to the list of questions put by Charles in the article "Préparation à la réception d'un GO" published on Myosotis Neuilly Bineau.