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FURTHER CLARIFICATION FOR BRETHREN OF RELATIONS WITH THE OTHER GRAND LODGES                                                           By Arturusrex


If you belong to the GLNF, or even if you just visit it, you need to know how far you mustn’t go when visiting other countries who have partially withdrawn recognition. .

But no panic.

The good news is a question of vocabulary… as so often.

As the GLRB, the Regular Grand Lodge of Belgium makes clear; the present situation is that several European Grand Lodges, Belgium being one of them, have declared that their recognition of the GLNF is “suspended”. That is to say, temporarily, and very different from a clear declaration of irregularity, or a clear withdrawal of recognition..

You can continue to belong to the GLNF and to one of the Grand Lodges that have “suspended” recognition of the GLNF…. temporarily.

In a letter sent by the Grand Master of the RGL of Belgium to all its lodges, the situation is made crystal clear and the measures to be applied. . We will give you a few directions what to do and not to do according to the Belgian letter, which no doubt announces the procedures that will be adopted by the other European Grand Lodges as regards the brethren belonging to or visiting the GLNF.

Let it be clear to all readers that Grand Lodges that have made no pronouncements on the subject of relations with the GLNF continue, theoretically at least, to allow dual membership and inter-visiting; such is the case with the UGLE.


Members may continue to belong to the GLNF and to the RGLB (and probably any of the others)


As of today, such members must choose which they intend to frequent. Theycannot continue to frequent both. They must declare to the WM of their Belgian Lodge that either they promise not to go to any GLNF meeting in order to continue frequenting the Belgian Lodge. Or, they may declare that they intends to continue frequenting the GLNF lodge, in which case, they will not be allowed to return to a Belgian lodge. All this being temporary, i.e. until the situation is modified one way or the other.

Full Belgian text available in French on Myosotis Neustrie Blog. .







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