Further information concerning François Stifani in Washington

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Further information concerning François Stifani in Washington


Not only was François Stifani in Washington last week but he went there parading as Grand Master of the GLNF, which he hasn’t been for the past 6 months. He met with the Grand Masters of a number of European, South American and North American Grand Lodges, he was wearing the big blue apron and all the glitter of the Grand Master of the GLNF. In the group photo (we’re trying to get a copy) he was standing in the same row as the other European Grand Masters. He was wearing the Grand Master’s regalia at an event celebrated at the site of Simon Bolivar’s statue. At the OAS meeting (Organisation of American States) he was in civil dress, which is normal as it has no masonic connotation.


During his visit to Washington François Stifani did indeed meet with Ali Bongo, dictator President of Gabon and Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon, installed by François Stifani, Big Moustache and CC. Ali Bongo was not in the Grand Masters’ group photo and he was not seen in masonic regalia. But he was in Washington on an official state visit. Hence his meeting at the White House with Barack Obama.


What LML in English has been unable to determine is who paid (???), we, the members of the GLNF or François Stifani himself. Perhaps Maître Teitgen could ask Maître Legrand next time he meets with her !!!

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Dear Winnie,

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