Get your pogrom here !!!

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Get your pogrom here !!!


Translation and interpretation of part of an article posted on Myosotis Brie Champagne link


It is only 155 days since the Paris supreme Court ordered François Stifani to call a new General Assembly “WITHOUT DELAY” !!! Not that a mere court decision ever made him move the slightest muscle.


Here, hot off the press we give you François Stifani’s decisions and ordinances for the next month :


Monday May 16th : Freshly returned from Columbia, well rested having slept so well in that super comfortable, XXXL first class cocoon, signature of an Ordinance dissolving the Jurisdictions and annexing of all their property and material assets.

Tuesday May 17th : Pepped up by yesterday’s fine effort, signature of an Ordinance annexing the Grand Lodge of Poland.

Wednesday May 18th : In order to facilitate Masonic travel to the new Polish territories, annexing of the Grand Lodges of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Thursday May 19th : Having disposed of the Grand Lodge of Belgium and, noticing the political void in that country, proclamation of François Stifani as Prime Minister for life. A little meddling in politics never hurt an ex-Grand Master !!!

Friday May 20th at tea time (Greenwich Mean Time) : Menacing note to the Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, KSGC, ADC(P), Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England since 1967 : Submit or shove off !!!

Monday May 23rd : Letter to Nicolas Sarkozy, abolishing the Order of the Légion d’Honneur to be replaced by the O.M.G.M. (Order of My Glorious Me). Recipients to be limited to members of the Rotary Club of Mougins and the few GLNF Brethren who still have a key to the drinks cabinet on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker.

Tuesday May 31st (Visitation of the Virgin Mary) : François Stifani receives the ultimate revelation and announces the creation of the Grand World Lodge of France. The Great Architect of the Universe, totally isolated, surrenders to the self-proclaimed spiritual guide.

Wednesday June 1st : Signature of an Ordinance suspending the Great Architect of the Universe, guilty by inaction of having allowed the crisis to develop.

Wednesday June 15th : Appearance of the Great Architect of the Universe before the World Council of Discipline for behaviour not in conformity with the ethics (!!!) of François Stifani. Subject to his being struck off permanently, the Labour will begin “…under the protection of François Stifani, self-proclaimed spiritual guide of the entire world and beyond !!!”.

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