GL-AMF, more than 10000 members

Published on by Allan Sanders

Brethren, I take immense pleasure in announcing that the symbolic figure of 10000 members of the GL-AMF has been achieved. The official figures, papers all in order and fully registered on the GL-AMF computer, are :

10003 members

512 Lodges

The Grand Secretary confirms that the 10000 figure was actually passed a few days ago but a number of files cannot be entered on the computer for lack of  a paper or signature. These slight administrative hiccoughs will right themselves very shortly.

And all in just 3 ½ months since that historic day in Tours. There were somewhere between 1600 and 2000 Brethren in the De Vinci Conference Centre on April 28th. Today we are more than five times that number and the figures increase daily, despite the inevitable slowing down over the July – August holiday period.

All this without the slightest pressure or recruitment drive. Merely former GLNF Brethren voting with their feet. At 10000, that means a quarter of the GLNF membership has left in such a short period. And we know there are thousands of others who will do so over the coming few weeks, sickened by the ongoing pathetic scene of power struggles , personal ambitions and vanities and the necessity to pay yet another year’s dues to have the dubious right to vote at the next AGM farce.

If ever Ephesse needed something to convince him of the disaster he and his fawnicators have wrung upon a once proud, Regular and internationally esteemed and Recognized Obedience, thi five figure milestone is more than sufficient.

To the 10000 plus GL-AMF members we must realistically add those who have abandoned Freemasonry in disgust and frustration at the frantic antics of a power-hungry clique. Also those Brethren who have chosen another masonic path, GLdF, GO, GLTSO, etc. We have no idea whatsoever what those figures represent, but those who have chosen to remain in the GLNF will understand when they receive their next dues notice in a few weeks ! The GLNF dues were already among the most expensive in the entire world. Now they run the risk of becoming the exclusive domain of the ultra-rich, those often seen on their yachts opposite the opulent palaces of the French Riviera, palaces frequented by Ephesse and his apparatchiks.

More than 10000 members and 500 plus Lodges is not part of a recruitment drive, it is not a target figure with prizes attached, it is the indubitable proof that the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française is here to stay, it is a formidable force in the French masonic landscape and, by dint of its strict adhesion to the Landmarks and all requirements of Regularity, it has every intention to apply for international Recognition at the earliest possible opportunity.

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Allan Sanders 08/15/2012 09:57

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