GL of Pennsylvania suspends relations with the GLNF

Published on by Allan Sanders

At its quarterly communication meeting on June 15th the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania unanimously decided to suspend relations with the GLNF. The text of the e-mail I received from their Grand Secretary is as follows :

Fraternal greetings Brother Allan:


The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania voted unanimously to suspend relations with the GLNF at the June Quarterly Communication.


Official correspondence will be forthcoming shortly.


Thank you for your inquiry


S&F – Mark 

In the  United States and Canada things are looking blacker by the minute for Ephesse, the self-styled guru who dubbed himself the spiritual leader of 43000 Brethren and soon after pledged their allegiance to Nicolas Sarkozy, the then French President.

Pennsylvania joins the following who have either suspended relations or withdrawn recognition of the GLNF :

New York

Washington DC





Nova Scotia


And the fiasco at last Saturday’s AGM where Ephesse was soundly rejected by almost two thirds of the Lodge delegates and SGC members can only put more pressure on other North American Grand Lodges to decide to isolate the GLNF.

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le Pacificateur 06/27/2012 17:08

can someone explain to me why the GLUE is still giving hope to some good brothers at the GLNF, still convince that Stifani or one of his friend are the only ones who will get back recognition from
the GLUE in the futur once all the good brothers will be out of the GLNF ?
Already 7500 good brothers join the GL-AMF today wishing to work in peace and regularity.

Allan Sanders 06/28/2012 11:00

So far as I know the UGLE is not giving hope to any Brethren conscerning a possible improvement of the GLNF situation. I feel there is very little likelihood
that the UGLE will lift its suspension of relations. In fact, I'm sure the only two possibilities are a continuation of the current situation of suspended crelations or a hardening of the English
position with the withdrawal of recognition and, at the same time, the beginning of discussions prior to recognising the GL-AMF.