GLNF, champion in the French courts !

Published on by Allan Sanders

Is it any wonder that it takes an eternity to get a court case from go to whoa in France ? The GLNF management has often claimed in court that the French Ministry of Justice is incompetent to sit on masonic subjects. But that has not stopped Ephesse & Co throwing writs around like confetti at a windy wedding. An unsigned note (Maître Stéphane Dumaine-Martin perhaps, since Miss Monique is ever reluctant to publish the slightest piece of paper without the approval of her personal legal eagle) dated June 12th  lists 13 current court cases involving the GLNF and Miss Monique as its administrator. link

A good question to ask at next Saturday’s AGM would be how much the GLNF has paid in legal fees and other associated expert honoraria since Miss Monique was appointed 18 months ago.

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Berechit 06/20/2012 11:54

Have you read the "Canard enchaîné" this day? page 4 ?
A new shame on the GLNF and the freemasonery...

Allan Sanders 06/20/2012 21:32

Have a look at the article just posted, "What's good for the goose..."

Flanders province voice 06/18/2012 18:07

and it's not finished: GNLF c/ GLNF, Stifani father c/ Stifani daughter, Stifani banker c/ paper supplier, GLNF Province c/ GLNF neighbour province,
one can go on for years and years
go on Stifani !!!!!

Allan Sanders 06/20/2012 18:59

" The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."

Shakespeare : Henry VI, Part 2, Act 4, Scene 2