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7 courageous Brothers from the Caribbean


Myosotis PACA has posted an excellent résumé of the internal crisis of the GLNF written by 7 courageous (they signed it with their own names) Brothers from the Carribean Province of Guadeloupe – Saint Martin. Regular readers of the various Myosotis blogs well recall the exceptional pressure placed upon the WWMM & 1st Wardens of that Province at the illegal multi-location annual general meeting of October 16th 2010. They were threatened with exclusion, even struck off, by the PGM if they did not support the 3 motions.


Their very long declaration lists the history of the difficulties confronting the GLNF and reminds the current occupant of the 3rd floor bunker of what traditional spiritual masonry is, of the difference between an obedience and an order (easy for FS to confuse them, they both start with “o” and he can neither read nor write !!), and of his obligations as head of the obedience.


In clear and unambiguous sentences the end of the declaration calls upon our spiritual leader, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer and recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace  to respect the court’s decision.


“The Paris Court of Appeal, in its decision of January 5th 2010, has confirmed in implacable and severe terms for the GLNF, the decision of December 7th 2010 making any manoeuvre impossible for the directors of the GLNF who have no other choice but to organise a new general assembly without delay.


We demand that the votes at this assembly be taken in total transparency, without pressure, intimidation and other manipulation of any sort.


We demand that the electoral body at this general assembly be exactly the same as that for the assembly of March 26th 2010.


We demand the unconditional reintegration of those Brothers suspended or excluded since December 4th 2009, the reasons for these suspensions and exclusions having been invalidated by the court decision of November 18th 2010 which stated that the right to criticise in associations is a free exercise.


The general assembly of October 16th having been annulled in every way by the decision of December 7th 2010, we demand that all the Lodges of the Province withhold the payment of their fees for the 2010 – 2011 exercise. The Lodges who meet at the temple of Arnouville ( in Guadeloupe, near Pointe à Pitre) must limit their expenditure to the paying of their rent  in order to allow the SAI to respect its financial commitments to the bank.


Signed by :


Julien ANTOINE                     Athanase MASSENGO                  Blaise MENDJIWA


Florent TREIZ                         Raymond BELOT                           Philippe CURUTCHET


Frédéric UCOUR

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