GLs of Tahiti and China : Joint Recognition

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It’s not going to cause major waves in international Freemasonry but the first recognition of a new Grand Lodge is an important milestone in its brief history.


For the moment it would appear that the Grand Lodge of Tahiti and the Archipelagos (GLRT) is doing it right. Created in the confusion, desperation and frustration of the GLNF crisis in December 2011, it presented its case at the recent Conference of Grand Masters of North American Grand Lodges in Atlanta, Georgia. The submission received a 100% recommendation and we can only hope that the individual Grand Lodges of USA, Canada and Mexico adopt this recommendation. We remind readers that the same commission gave a 100% recommendation to suspend relations with the GLNF.


A further step has been achieved by the GLRT. The Gm of the GL of China, MWBro P.Teng,  has signed the documents of recognition, naming WBro T. Cheng as guarantor of amity between the 2 GLs. In return MWBro Philippe Gestas ,GM of the GLRT, has appointer MWBro Marc Domby as guarantor of amity. The exchange of recognition diplomas will occur in the coming week.

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