GLs of Washington DC and Massachusetts withdraw Recognition of the GLNF ?

Published on by Allan Sanders

Nothing appears on their websites but rumours are circulating that the Grand Lodges of Washington DC and Massachusetts have definitively withdrawn recognition of the GLNF. At the same time it is rumoured that the GL of Massachusetts has decided to enter into discussions with the Grande Loge de France. In itself this is not surprising. The GLdF is single Rite, the A&ASR (its own particular form, quite removed from that practiced in the GL-AMF and the GLNF), the principal Rite practiced in the United States in the higher degrees. In the USA the 3 symbolic degrees use what we call the York Rite with the addition of the perjury section from the A&ASR.  For discussions to advance the questions of intervisits between the GLdF and other French Obediences, particularly the Grand Orient and the female or mixed Obediences, would have to be clarified. The same goes for the relations between the GLdF and the Supreme Council of France.

Post scriptum : The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts has removed the GLNF from its list of recognised grand Lodges, which would seem to confirm the rumours. Let us not forget that the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, founded in 1733, is the oldest Grand Lodge in the New World and the third oldest in the entire world, preceded only by the UGLE and the GL of Ireland. The GL of Washington DC is no youngster either, having celebrated its bicentenary last year.

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Comment on this post

persil 06/18/2012 19:40

Some clarification is needed.
The AA(S)R is indeed the most popular Rite "beyond the Craft" in the US. But the US Craft lodges use the usual American ritual, which the French abusively call the York Rite.
On the contrary, the lodges of the GL (rue Putaux) and the REAA lodges of the GLNF (rue Pisan) use a ritual or working unheard of in the US (or Britain).

Allan Sanders 06/20/2012 19:03

You are absolutely right. In my enthusiasm to post the article I forgot to stipulate that the A&ASR is used essentially in the higher degrees in the US.
The 3 symbolic degrees use the York Rite with the perjury section added from the A&ASR. I've modified the article. Thank you for picking up my error. Mea culpa !!!