Grand Master ignores the Landmarks

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The Grand Master of the GLNF transgresses the 12 points (landmarks) in an exchange of letters with Nicolas Sarkozy


In the December 1st edition of the French weekly public affairs magazine “L’Express” journalist François Koch dropped a bombshell in French freemasonry circles. He revealed an exchange of letters between François Stifani, Grand Master of the Grande Loge Nationale Française (G.L.N.F.), and Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President.


On GLNF letterhead and in his function as Grand Master François Stifani wrote on January 19th, 2009 :


Mister President of the Republic,


I am writing to you to inform you of my active support of Christian BLANC, Brice HORTEFEUX, Roger KAROUTCHI, Hubert FALCO and Christine BOUTIN (all government ministers) in their functions.


In particular I appreciate them for their humane qualities, their determination and their sense of the general interest. For these reasons I will give them every assistance they need in their projects, as all the Masons of my Obedience do for you. You are the first President of the 5th Republic with whom we are in total agreement. You may count on our Order to support your future reforms.


On February 5th, in his function as the French President replied :


Mister President,


The message you kindly sent me touched me greatly and I thank you personally.


As you stress, determination and a sense of the general interest are essential qualities that a government team must show in its daily work for the destiny of France. I am pleased you find these characteristics in the members of the current government.


As well, the confidence that you express and the resolute support that you offer comfort me in my firm resolution to continue the reform movement undertaken to adapt our country to the new constraints and ensure a determining place in world evolution.


Via his legal representatives Mr Stifani denied the existence of the exchange. However, the journalist had verified his sources. The Elysée Palace confirmed Mr Sarkozy’s reply (he would hardly reply to a letter that had never been sent !) and Mr Stifani has yet to deny that the copy of his letter can be found in his mail records under the number 22571.


Mr Stifani’s letter is in complete contradiction with the “12 points Rule” of French Freemasonry (equivalent to Landmarks) and is just another example of the behaviour of a Grand Master who continues to act as he sees fit and in complete disregard of the traditions of regular freemasonry.

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Charles 12/17/2010 09:12

The transcript of this "poem" can also sheds light on the ability to listen to our GM