Grande Loge de l'Alliance Maçonnique : Principles of organisation

Published on by Allan Sanders

Announced at the same time as the arrival of Spring, the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française, promises a renaissance for the Lodges and brethren weary after two long years of drama and crisis.


The new Grand Lodge is organised in conformity with its declaration of Principles, totally respecting the foundations and values of traditional and regular Freemasonry. While strictly respecting these principles, it has been structured with a desire for equilibrium and harmony, placing the Lodge once again at its very heart and having a simple organisation associating the Brethren closely with its functions. It returns the initiation concept to its dominant place, sustained by the Rites which are its vehicles, a concept that is at once humble and there to serve each Brother.


The Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française  reaffirms certain intangible principles  :

  • Unalienable authority over the first three degrees, while instifating a dialogue with the Jurisdictions based upon mutual respect,
  • Primacy of the spiritual over the temporal, clearly separating civil activities from masonic activities,
  • Sovereignty of the Lodge, placing it resolutely at the centre of the institution,
  • Restoration of a true solidarity, centring on fraternal inter-aid


The vocation of the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française is inscribe itself and concert with regular international Freemasonry


Sovereignty of the Lodges

  • Lodges constitutes in 1901 Association Law, their autonomy guaranteed, notably their financial autonomy ,
  • Lodges certified by the Grand Lodge in order to guarantee an overall coherence and respect for common principles,
  • Representatives of the Lodges associated in the management (of the grand Lodge), directly or by way of elected representatives,
  • Lodges, the source of the initiation approach, will assume full responsibility for transmission.
  • Respect of the Rites
  • Rites organised in Houses in order to respect their traditions, ways and customs,
  • Houses associated in the management of the Grand Lodge by the proposal in rotation of a candidate for Grand Master in order to ensure a perfect balance between the Rites
  • The end of syncretism and the primacy of the administrative organisation over the spiritual,
  • Fraternal relations built conventionally with the ordinal Jurisdictions or other masonic bodies strictly respecting the Grand Lodge’s independence.


Separation and balance of powers

  • A legislative power for the Lodge delegates   

 - Directly at the National Congress

- Indirectly by the members elected to the Surveillance Council,

  • An executive power for the President-GrandMasterUn pouvoir exécutif pour le Président-Grand Maître

- Assisted by the Grand Lodge Council and the National Board…

 - ...but able to be revoked by the delegates to the Congress,

  • An independent disciplinary power
  • Independent control organisms

- A National Commission for Financial Control

- A Council of the Elders.


The Grande Loge de L’Alliance Maçonnique Française undertakes to institute :

  • The end of distinctions which fills with pride those who receive them and creates a group of those who feel obliged,
  • Short, non-renewable mandates,
  • Dues rediced to the strict minimum,
  • Transparent, controlled and rigourous management whose sole task is to assist the initiation approach of all.

 The Grande Loge de L’Alliance Maçonnique Française will enable Lodges and Brethren :

  • To live their initiation path in fraternity and with refound serenity
  • To find again a masonic ideal centred on the being and not upon appearances
  • To practice the Rites in their authenticity and their specificity

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