Great photos of "A day to remember" !

Published on by Allan Sanders

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george philpott 05/02/2012 20:03

Great to see! I would just love to be part of this, and hopefully (I will be living in France sometime next year) I can get involved - though I will have to have a "sidelines" role until the Lodge
is recognised since I will still have commitments in UGLE.

Hopefully it will not be long (although things move slowly in Masonic Circles.. UGLE has only "suspended" relations with GLNF, so God knows how long it will take to get the new GL recognised

Allan Sanders 05/04/2012 08:21

Brother George, hopefully by the time you arrive in France the GL-AMF will have achieved considerable international recognition, perhaps even the

Tony Calvert 05/01/2012 09:08

Great photos; each a small window on joy of Brothers in harmony. I am so happy to have been there.
After reading the words reported in some news papers spoken by the leader of the old Masonic management in France Ephesse, who is trying to shrug off as of no importance the wonderful birth of GL
-AMF in Tours last Saturday. In my mind’s eye I can see Colonel Gaddafi standing on top of his palace surrounded by personal body guards screaming to the world, (But My People Love Me). And then I
think of the poor people suffering under Assad in Syria who thinks he has the right to disregard and kill thousands of his own people. why? Just because they don’t like him, (and his self appointed
tin pot government) and have dared to protest against him. Okay as far as we know Ephesse has not killed anyone but the mindset is the same.
I would never advocate violence however I also have no desire to lift a glass to wish the dictatorship of the old management long life and happiness. I cannot remember who said, if you want to see
in to the future look to your history. History tells us dictators tend to come to a sticky end,