Guess who ?

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    translated from Myosotis Réunionnais, "Qui c'est ?...ou ... Qui sait !" link

 -         He makes others feel guilty by way of a link

He transfers the responsibility onto others or removes his own.

He fails to clearly communicate his demands, needs, feelings and opinions.

Often he replies in an unclear manner.

He changes his opinions, his behaviour, and his feelings according to the person or the situation.

He invokes logical reasons to disguise his demands.

He makes others believe they must be perfect, that they must never change their mind, that they must know everything and reply immediately to demands and questions.

He raises doubts about the qualities, competence and personality of others: he criticises without giving the impression of doing so, belittles and judges.

He gets others to make his messages.

 He creates discord and suspicion, divides in order to conquer.

He makes himself out to be the victim in order to receive pity.

He ignores demands even if he says he will look after them.

He uses the moral principles of others to assuage his needs.

He threatens in a disguised manner of openly blackmails.

He changes the subject in the middle of a conversation.

He avoids or gets away from an interview or meeting

He banks on the ignorance of others and makes believe in his superiority.

He lies.

He preaches falsehoods to obtain the truth.

He is egocentric.

He can be jealous.

He doesn’t tolerate criticism and denies the obvious.

He doesn’t take into account the rights, needs and desires of others.

Often he uses the last moment to order or make others act.

His speech appears logical or coherent whereas his attitudes are the exact opposite.

He flatters to please you, makes presents, takes great measures in your regard.

He produces a feeling of uneasiness or lack of freedom.

He is most efficient at attaining his own goals but at the expense of others.

He gets us to do things we probably would not have done if left to ourselves.

He is constantly the subject of conversation, even when he isn’t there.


So, who is it ?

You’ve all recognised him.

Bravo !

It’s the way to recognise a “Narcissistic Deviate” according to Isabelle Nazare-Aga, taken from her book “Les manipulateurs sont parmi nous” (The manipulators are among us).

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Muchmarshmulcher 11/06/2011 23:09

oh dear, I thought we were supposed to keep politics out of our conversations! So, of, course, we can't answer the question "who is it".
Unless we are now dabbling in "masonics". That is reaching a point that it should also be banned from decent conversation amongst masons, just like politics.

Winnie 11/07/2011 12:17

If you can't answer the question you can at least think who the answer resembles.