Hammer the nail home !!

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Hammer the nail home !!

How to answer your PGM firmly but politely


Winnie posted the following the other day. But we would like to bring it to your attention again, as it could be a useful ploy for any Lodge Secretary faced with having to reply to the PGM's unjustified demands. 

Just copy the following letter or ask a friend to translate it into French.

Most Worthy Brother, 

I have just received your letter that has been widely distributed. 

Your interpretation of the legal situation of the GLNF is François Stifani’s version. 

I am obliged to note that the Court Judgements of the French republic, as well as those of certain high masonic authorities, assisted by the best law specialists, remind us that François Stifani is capable of error on a regular basis and that his resignation from one of his two functions automatically creates the vacancy of the other. All the texts demonstrate that the two functions are inextricably linked. 

Without taking sides today and despite your peremptory remarks, to me it seems preferable and reasonablethat the WMs can act with great caution in order to maintain calm in our Lodges. François Stifani’s words having already drawn our Brethren down paths that lead nowhere. 

In the chaos which reigns within the GLNF the only structures which function well and continue to practice Regular Masonry, are our Lodges. 

Consequently, each WM will decide what he feels best for his own Lodge. 

As for me and while waiting for the deadlines to arrive, MW J…-M…, I respectfully request that you let me do my Duty as Head of the Order. 

Most Fraternal Wishes


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