Happy birthday !!!

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Happy birthday !!!


Translation of a comment by Gaston to the article « Forum Libre N° 1” posted on Myosotis Limousin on March 28th.link


While hardly noticing the date just a few days ago was the first anniversary of the historic General Assembly of the GLNF Association on March 25th 2010.


If the meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee of December 4th 2009 is memorable it is less so because certain Brothers stood up than because the Grand Master insulted them and threw them out. It is he who started everything.


Imagine if he had said, “My Brothers, if you have the audacity today to remove your aprons to present a petition it is because you could not do otherwise and what you have to say is serious, even grave. I will receive you after this meeting to listen to you and to find solutions with you, but before that we will finish the work that is on today’s agenda.”


The mutiny would have been stillborn. Thank you François Stifani for your awkwardness or your error of judgement. That the 24 (or more or less) stood up is good and we congratulate them for it.


But let us not forget to thank all the Lodge representatives, Worshipful Masters, First Wardens or simply Masters replacing them who went “up” to Paris to put the Grand Master and the entire strayed association system in a minority position on March 25th 2010.


On December 4th 2009 it was a few dissident aristocrats who refused the monarch but on March 25th 2010 it was the Lodges who spoke, it was the voice of the people (masons), the true ones, those who create masonry every evening between midday and midnight. To reach that point the people well knew how to exploit the December 4th incident.


For the reasons I have just evoked the Grand Master doesn’t fear the Sovereign Grand Committee; on the other hand, he dreads the Annual General Assembly.


He has met with the Sovereign Grand Committee since than but he has not called the Annual General Meeting, and he doesn’t want to, either himself or by the intermediary of the ad hoc administrator.


And the Sovereign Grand Committee supports the Grand Master in the sense that it also fears the Annual General Meeting because its own survival is threatened by it.


All the small legal victories, although praiseworthy, will resolve nothing until such time as the Lodges rise up themselves and take the Bastille (Pardon !!! Pisan !!!). The crisis will endure because this situation more or less satisfies the Grand Master and all his flunkeys; a difficult and decadent monarch is infinitely preferable to a republic !!!


And so I repeat what I wrote at the beginning of this article : Happy Birthday to the glorious Brothers of the Lodges who went “up” to Paris on March 25th 2010 to say “NO !!!” and thereby create the greatest event the GLNF has known for a long time.

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