Have a nice trip, François !!!

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Have a nice trip, François !!!



World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges May 12-14th in Columbia, South America

 And he doesn’t speak a word of Spanish or English !!! In French that leaves him the Belgians (some of them), the Swiss (some of them), the Canadians (some of them) and the delegation from the Grand Lodge of the Principality of Monaco. Recent events have shown that the Belgians, the Swiss and the Monégasques wouldn’t be seen dead with him !!! I forgot a certain number of African potentates who just happen to be lifetime Grand Master of their country’s Grand Lodge. Maybe our ex-Grand Master is clocking up a few more Air Bongo frequent flyer points !!!


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GMX 05/16/2011 08:56

By now, we all know it: this guy is out of his mind! He is not the only one of course; others are willing to pay almost any price (literarily) to get the job. Under those circumstances it should be
undoubtedly clear that Masonry is just but a pretext to these individuals with neither faith nor honour!
As we know now, the challenge will be to flush out of the system this gangrene undermining all the layers of our organization. That in itself will require a tremendous amount of vigilance &
There are people holding positions of responsibilities who have ignored willingly & in full knowledge the dysfunctions & the abuses over the years.
Why the inaction? What could have been the overriding principle or cause to some much casualness toward the fundamental ethic of free masonry?
Some like Alain J……, have most of the answers, their silence raise more questions… Today, the documentation, the internal notes & reports seem to be circulating. It is time for those who knew
for so long to explain themselves and stop beating around the bush…