He couldn’t lie straight in bed !!!

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Few Freemasons in France, Great Britain, Ireland and even across the Atlantic are unaware that the UGLE and the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland met on July 19th and decided jointly to suspend relations with the GLNF (LML in English announced it early the next day). The decision has taken a long time to arrive but that is a measure of its gravity. These three very great Grand Lodges do not arrive at such a decision without much deliberation and hesitation. Be that as it may, the decision has been made and July 19th will go down in history as a very black day for the GLNF.


François Stifani has been fearing this decision for many months. As what he calls “minor” Grand Lodges (Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, etc) suspended relations he must have felt himself painted into a very tight corner on the other side of the room from the only door offering a way out. But he is very definitely a fighter and, as a lawyer (see Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part II, Act 4, Scene 2, 71-78), he knows the best defence is attack. And attack he did.


Yesterday, July 22nd, GLNF members received yet another edition of Brèves, the official publication of the Pisan Ministry of Propaganda. It invited us to download a 4 page letter from our ex-Grand Master and self-proclaimed spiritual guide. link It was addressed to the UGLE and was dated July 14th, symbolic insofar as it is the French National day and is considered to be the anniversary of the beginning of the French revolution.


I will spare you the 4 pages of the usual Stifanatic half-truths and deliberate misinterpretation of reality. Basically he tells the UGLE that he couldn’t care less what their feelings are. There are only two passages that merit the slightest attention :


« Afin que cette situation de confusion ne puisse se traduire aux yeux des Frères de la GLNF comme vous impliquant d’une façon ou d’une autre dans les problèmes que nous avons à résoudre, il nous semble préférable de suspendre temporairement nos relations avec la Grande Loge Unie d’Angleterre, à laquelle nous restons bien entendu très attachés. »


« Cette suspension temporaire de nos relations avec la Grande Loge Unie d’Angleterre nous permettra de mieux prendre en compte et traiter nos difficultés, patiemment, en toute indépendance et en toute transparence avec les Frères de la GLNF qui sont seuls juges des solutions à mettre en œuvre et auxquels seuls nous devons des comptes. La GLNF a la pleine capacité et les ressources nécessaires pour apporter les réponses adaptées à la situation qu'elle connait. »


Translation :


“In order that the Brethren of the GLNF are not so confused as to believe that you are in any way implicated in the problems to be resolved, it seems preferable to suspend temporarily our relations with the UGLE, to which we are most attached.”


“This temporary suspension of our relations with the UGLE will enable us to better take into account and treat our difficulties, patiently, independently and with total transparency with the GLNF Brethren, the sole judges of the solutions to be put into place and to whom we are answerable. The GLNF has the full capacity and the necessary resources to provide the answers to the situation it knows.”


In a nutshell, François Stifani withdrew recognition of the UGLE a full 5 days prior to the joint tripartite meeting of the UGLE and the GLs of Ireland and Scotland. The mouse that roared, so to speak !


But something puzzled me about all this. If François Stifani had dropped such a bombshell 5 days previously, surely the 3 Grand Lodges would have mentioned such an event in their communiqués ? Not a word, not even a hint ! Very suspicious !


And if I remember correctly, François Stifani sent a letter to all the members of the GLNF on July 19th wishing us all a happy holiday. Once again, not a word about his letter to the 3 GLs of 5 full days previously. He who is normally so prompt in putting himself in the best possible light, to the point of stretching the truth just a little bit. Doubly very suspicious !!


Now, Winnie is renowned for being a computer Neanderthal. But even I know where the right hand button is on the mouse. A little clicking here and there and up came the “Properties” of the latest Epistle from the Ephessian. link


The letter purported to be dated July 14th was in fact created at 9.14 a.m. on July 21st !!!


Like Henry the Beancounter with the false letter from Maître Legrand, our well-known recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace has turned his hand to falsifying documents !!! Which side of the Landmarks is he on with that one !!!


He couldn’t lie straight in bed !!!


François Stifani, not only are you a liar, but you do it with world championship class incompetence !!!

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Marchmuchmulcher 07/22/2011 12:16

Stifani with his ramifications is a News of the World, with its ramifications,unto himself.Beginning with fraud, we could list a whole load of misdemeanours that come under the Law of the Land. Not
one of us would be allowed to go around unpunished for one thousandth of what he gets away with. But for how long? Can't he be arrested for anything? my grandparents used to say, in their lovely
Northern (and Puritan) accent: where there's muck, there's money; and where there's money, there's muck. And here we have the lot. Marshmuchmulcher

Winnie 07/22/2011 15:14

Perhaps someone should ask why it is taking Miss Monique so long to carry out an audit that any seriously competent major accounting firm would have
completed weeks ago. And since we know that François Stifani was the first to request that she be appointed as ad hoc administrator we are entitled to ask why he asked specifically for her. Could
it be that there is some connection between FS and Maître Legrand ? I certainly don't have the answer but things are far from clear in my eyes. We know that the Equestrian Federation was far from
pleased with how she handled their affair. Perhaps we should request clarification from them.

Han Solo 07/22/2011 11:58

My Very Dear Brother Winnie,

This gentleman seems completely reached of madness at the last degree: He thinks he's King Arthur, defending Camelot against barbarians! ... Or Davy Crocket at Fort Alamo… Maybe Hiram

I’m well aware that you’re not a geek nor a PC wizard, and I’m certainly not wishing to defend him, but we must be aware that the electronic date of the document only indicates the day the PDF was
created: he may very well have created a word processed doc on July 14 and then transform it as a PDF a week later...
Of course, that’s what he’ll tell us... This does not mean it's true.

And since he seems to be kind of French Symbols, let’s remind him what RESISTANCE means!!!

May the Force be with you!

Winnie 07/22/2011 15:07

Dear Brother Han,

If he had written to the UGLE on July 14th, surely he would have mentioned it in his letter to the GLNF Brethren on July 19th (he didn't) and surely the UGLE
would have mentioned it in their deliberations of July 19th (they didn't). François Stifani is just not a very good liar.


Concerning Davy Crockett, he was one of at least four Freemasons at the Alamo. Colonel Travis and Jim Bowie died with him. The fourth was general santa Ana
of the mexican army. he knew there were women and children accompanying theFreemasons and other fighters in the fort. Before launching his attack that he knew he would win, he allowed the women
and children to leave, a truly masonic and honourable gesture. François Stifani is very small fry compared to them.