He couldn’t lie straight in bed (new episode) !!!

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Remember the Letter to the Ephessians dated Septembetr 2nd where the self-proclaimed spiritual guide claimed to have the wholehearted support of the African Grand Lodges and where he proved that not only he can’t read or write, he doesn’t even know the alphabet (see “I can neither read nor write”, LML in English September 6th) ?


In his epistle the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace listed 14 African Regular grand Lodges who allegedly support the Pisan tyrant. No evidence, no document, just a claim.


Maine Atlantique Myosotis has obtained a copy of the official communiqué from the Capetown Conference, signed by all the delegations.link Go to the "Scoop de MMA" paragraph and click on the LINK.


Observation N° 1 : Not a sign of the GLNF as a delegate.

Observation N° 2 : Not a sign of the GLNF as an official observer or whatever.

Observation N° 3. : No mention whatsoever of the GLNF in the body of the communiqué, no message of support, nothing !!!


He couldn’t lie straight in bed !!!

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