Heartily sick and tired

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Heartily sick and tired …


No matter what our position concerning the current crisis within the GLNF we must be more than conscious of how our Brethren are experiencing it in our Lodges. Yesterday I received the following letter from a Brother I regard highly both within masonry and in the outside world. He’s a very close friend, a tireless worker for Masonry with a capital “M”, a builder in both the speculative and operative sense since he gave freely of his time, experience and tools every day of the week for more than 12 months to complete the temple at Guérande / Saint Nazaire and he’s founding WM of La Pierre Bleue in Maine Atlantique Province, also of Les Grands Charpentiers, a Perfection Lodge in Saint Nazaire.


For Jean-Claude Heiser to write in such a way and to send it to more than 150 Brothers of the GLNF in Paris and the Provinces, things are not good. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the vandalism of the temple at Carquefou (see the previous article “Shame, shame, shame on you !!! on LML in English).


My Dear Brothers,


With membership number 11025 and almost 37 years in masonry, I think I am one of the longest serving members of the Province. I can no longer stand by and not react.


Certainly my membership number and my period of service permit no feeling of superiority, nor precedent over you.


But perhaps simply a wide, fraternal and sincere view. And certainly the right to express what I feel, whether it pleases or not !


I briefly occupied a position of Active Officer at the moment of the creation of our lovely Province (Treasurer) and this was merely to help get it off the ground.


No-one can criticise me for a position of personal interest or of putting myself forward, I am simply an attentive mason who loves his Brethren deeply and who is always ready to advise with counsel or help.


Currently I am shattered by what I hear, calls from one another to “tell me” the latest gossip, to draw me in a certain direction, to convince me, to ask me to adopt a position or, even worse, to recount bad things concerning various Brothers.


What is this spite, this hatred, I’ve never seen such behaviour before !! Already, in the outside world, in business, politics, sport, areas in which I was active for many years, such behaviour disgusted me and turned me off. Here within the GLNF, how is it possible ?


How can some so-called “Brothers” motivated solely by their failure in the outside world, within their families or their professional environment and by their littleness, all of which is finally revealed, how can they imagine that they will finally reign or dominate via their false Masonic aspirations, how can they behave like that, with insults, menaces, even vandalism !!!


Cease “wetting your pants”, you are ridiculous.


Men with a heart, true masons, have given of their time and energy, have built with sincerity, correctness and, thanks to them, and through them, you should have progressed.


Some of you have occupied of currently fill positions within our Province, you fought, kicked, scratched and bit to get there, all to your discredit.


You want to “appear”, parade, squash, seem  or resemble, you are “would be’s if you could be’s”, lacking heart, soul and values.


But don’t you mock us !!


The finest decorations are those that come from the heart (Jean-Claude wrote this on February 14th ! –translator’s note), an organ some of you seem to lack !


I need neither receive nor give, I merely wish to construct my internal Temple in peace and harmony with all of you whom I love !


It is time to show your true values that I know are deep within you and are currently submerged by this disgusting, incomprehensible wave of destruction !


My Brothers, it is time to take hold of yourselves, shake yourselves thoroughly, re-discover yourself in peace and serenity so you can rebuild, more truly and stronger than before.


Know that I love you all and that these words come from an old Brother who is suffering.


Know that I am a mason faithful to his Brothers who serve and to our true values and that they will always enjoy my deepest respect !


This letter asks no reply, nor justification nor explanations that I will refuse in any case.


To those it pleases, well and good (the most numerous), for the rest, too bad, I will be comforted by what I have modestly and sincerely penned.


I embrace you all.


Worthy Brother Jean-Claude Heiser, WM La Pierre Bleue 1726 »



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Comment on this post

Big Ben 02/15/2011 13:22

Please remind to UGLE that ine the case of participation to the banquet of JC Foellner, that means:

- she agrees action of Sitfani and JC Foellner
- she disagees position of Switzerland, Luxemburd and Belgium
- she disagrees position of Rites administration.

this cup of champagne never has been so heavy.....

Winnie 02/15/2011 14:18

I heartily agree with your comment. Hopefully the UGLE delegation this weekend will make strong representation to our spiritual guide and Big Moustache advising them that the only
possible solution is for Stifani to depart, preferably to Djibouti, Gabon or elsewhere.