Heyraud’s no hero !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

The fastest quill in the GLNF, usually dripping vitriol (pun intended !), could whip out a dozen suspension and exclusion ordinances before breakfast. And twice as many before morning tea. At least a thousand by the end of the day !!!


Yes folks, I’m talking about the until very recently Grand National Secretary, Bertrand Heyraud !


As former Grand National Secretary he had access to the full GLNF listing. Is it any wonder that thousands of Brethren received an unsolicited e-mail seeking their support for Heyraud’s campaign for Grand Master. ? But he got it wrong. A good marketing strategy is to determine your target before sending out the slightest thing. Heyraud seems to have forgotten that only the 400 odd (some would say very odd !) members of the Sovereign Grand Committee get to vote. So why display your total lack of ethics to the entire GLNF membership ? Could it be something to do with intelligence, or lack thereof ? Definitely NOT Grand Master stature !!!


Yesterday I asked you if you’d buy a second hand blue apron from Ephesse’s legal eagle. Today I put the same question :


Would you buy a second hand blue apron, gilt and glitter included,  from Heyraud ?


Almost as much integrity as Balloo the Legal Bear who put it in writing that he and others (names, please !) deliberately sought to trick Miss Monique., But then again, he is a lawyer ! Don’t forget what Shakespeare said about that species !


Back to Heyraud, the anti-hero. Not realising he has a snowflake’s chance in hell of getting the big blue apron tomorrow, he hangs in there. What better thing to do than work the room, press the flesh, kiss a baby or two ?


So last night he organised a cocktail party at the prestigious Cercle Militaire de Paris. You know, rubber chicken, parched dry smoked salmon, petits fours that don’t add up,  and lukewarm bubbly. All Masonic Paris had received an invitation. Once again he got it wrong. Target the SGC, forget the rest ! An hour after the announced kick off there were a whole 20 people in the room, including the waiters (plural, please note !). Take away the waiters, take away Heyraud’s 5 minders, take away the 5 observers sent by the other candidates, take away the 5 freeloaders who just love luke warm bubbly and you have a total of 3 members of the Sovereign Grand Committee.


Talk about a flop ! And flops we have seen over the” past 28 months. Remember December 3rd, 2011 at Levallois Perret. Berezina for Ephesse ! Last night there was less noise but it ranks with Levallois Perret on the flop scale of 1 – 10. I’d rate it about 1.5.


Last night Heyraud sent himself down the gurgler. More and more, tomorrow’s stoush is shaping up to a triangle, highly symbolic in masonic circles !


Stifani ? Murat ? Servel ? The French have a saying, “bonnet blanc, blanc bonnet”. Basically it means they’re all the same. A big blue apron, a little reform or two to calm the masses and life continues on as before.


Not for me. All that’s behind me. My eye is on the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique. Brethren, come join me. We’re going back to true regular traditional Freemasonry. Leave the rest to the Blue Apron Battalion.

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Comment on this post

Flanders provine voice 03/30/2012 13:09

Unfortunatly you're right
GLNF has a cancer at its brain, called maffia
with many adhesions, relentlessly

Allan Sanders 03/30/2012 15:44

And I fear it's terminal...

Alfred de Talebonjour 03/30/2012 12:47

All right : hero is not candidate any more. You were right.
So : how are you so well informed ?
Fraternally yours,

Anyone may connect me at :

Allan Sanders 03/30/2012 22:14

I have my personal AWACS that is permanently positioned over Pisan ! I know Miss monique very well !!

Or I read François Koch !!!

Alfred de Talebonjour 03/30/2012 00:07

Dera Brother,
I do not believe that Heyraud's candidature is a matter of joke.
I do not know if he lies when he says that he discusses with representatives of regular obediences, but doubtless Heyraud is not an idiot. He just wants to become grand master without any
reformation,as well as the others.
He is just as dangerous as the three main candidates.
You consider that only three candidates have a luck. Why not Heyraud ?
Do you have a realistic opinion poll?
Fraternally yours,

Allan Sanders 03/30/2012 22:13

Heyraud pulled the plug.

Flanders province voice 03/29/2012 20:33

Stifani, Murat, Servel ?
It looks the true choice between the ten.
Murat looks clear, but if he wins, he will
have all the system settled by Stifani against him.
He should flee to London as De Gaulle in 1940 ...

Allan Sanders 03/29/2012 21:00

I wouldn't vote for any of the three. After more than 4 years we know the Stifani management system, modelled on Stalinian totalitarianism. And we know who
put him there, Big Moustache ! If you want another Big Moustache, vote Servel. As for Murat, he has the simplest programme of the three, "I want the biggest blue apron" ! If you want more of the
same with a couple of skin deep cosmetic reforms, vote Murat.

Murat has said he's going to the UGLE if he loses. The sooner you buy your ticket on Eurostar, the less it costs ! Even with a surgeon's pension you have to
keep your eye on the expenditure.

The whole thing's a farce. The only viable solutuion for regular, traditional freemasonry in France is the new Obedience, the Grande Loge de l'Alliance
Maçonnique Française.