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The Pisan Propaganda Ministry has taken 3 whole days to produce their interpretation of the events of last Saturday. The document, the new form of “Brèves”, takes the title “Communiqué from the Grand Council” and is dated today, December 6th. Taking inspiration from Goebbels the communiqué is a classic in disinformation.


According to their version “approximately one hundred” disturbed the meeting. Readers will note that I do not use the usual term of “Grand Lodge Meeting” because it was convened by François Stifani, purporting to be Grand Master of the GLNF, a function he abandoned of his own volition way back in January when he resigned as president of the GLNF Association.


Those inside the stadium who voiced the rejection of the Stifani management team were not approximately one hundred. If we accept the communiqué’s figure of some 2000 Brethren then there were well over one thousand who stood up to be counted and said “NON !”. In just the small sector where I was seated there were hundreds of Brethren voicing their disapproval of François Stifani and his apparatchiks. You only have to look at any one of the numerous videos posted on internet to understand that a figure of 100 is an insult to your intelligence.


I wonder how many the opposition would have been if all Brethren who have been struck off and the more than 200 Lodges that are suspended (more than 1 in 8 !) had been allowed to enter the stadium.


And outside in the street there were 150 to 200 Brethren who demonstrated their disapproval with dignity, watched over by 20 coach loads of CRS (elite French riot police). I think François Stifani opted for the “overkill” button !


The communiqué purports that the opposition inside the stadium was organised and orchestrated. Poppycock ! In my previous article I wrote that prior to the beginning of the ceremony there was a sort of unusual tension in the air, nothing tangible and certainly nothing orchestrated. During the entire two and a half hours I did not see a single order or directive given by any Brother. For the entire time two of the Myosotis blog moderators (among the most consulted on a daily basis) were in my view. They gave no commands and they weren’t waving their arms orchestrating anything.


The communiqué suggests there were nazi salutes. Not where I was seated ! If there were, show us the photos or the videos. The lighting was certainly strong enough and we know the entire event was filmed both officially and by spectators.


“Hooligans” the communiqué calls the opposition. Maybe they should watch videos of a football match riot to understand what the term “hooligan” really means.


Yes, the various speeches were interrupted by cries for Stifani’s resignation and accusations of lies when it was claimed that the GLNF management was extending the hand of appeasement to the Jurisdictions. What else would you say when for months you have read  the baseless accusations that François Stifani lays at the door of the 3 Jurisdictions and the UGLE, when your fellow Brethren are struck off merely because they informed the national secretariat that their Lodge had rallied to the ULRF or your Lodge is suspended for totally unfounded reasons and the Obedience you love is rejected by international Freemasonry because of the megalomanic posturing of one man ???


The communiqué invites those who were present to assume their responsibility and to give a truthful account in their Lodges. I assume responsibility for my participation and I have already told the truth (see FS = Fiasco Show). And as Worshipful Master of my Lodge I have already given a truthful account of the events to each and every member.


We learn at the end of the communiqué that a new meeting will be organised “under conditions that will ensure the Brethren are not disturbed by uncontrolled elements”. There were 20 coachloads of CRS on Saturday. How many  the next time ? And with rottweilers, no doubt, watchtowers at each corner and razor wire at the top of the stairs !!!

Last minute : In a letter to the Brethren of his Province, Henri PONS, PGM of Guyenne Gascogne suggests that a new meeting of Grand Lodge will be convened as early as next week. Given the effort that went into organising last Saturday's non-event I find it difficult to believe the Pisan management would risk another major GLNF meeting so soon after the most recent debacle. And given the publicity surrounding her revenue figures I'd be surprised if Miss Monique would authorise the expenditure. Of course, there will be some economies in the foreign delegations area !

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David Roper 12/13/2011 01:19

Thank you for your prompt reply, and for confirming the Stifani position. You raise further points which are worthy of consideration. What are the value of the assets you are waiting for? FS has
made sure that Me Legrand cannot, or will not quantify them and it has been estimated that the farce has been costing between 200.000 and 300.000€ per month. Beyond FS it is unlikely that anyone
will unravel the labrynth of the accounts and assets, he is, as you pointed out, a Lawyer. Equally he has been playing for time
which he has been granted by good fortune and a lack of an organised and informed opposition.
I sat in an office in the GLUA last June and was told, "We are waiting until next month before making clear our position, since we are assured that all disputed matters will be resolved by the
Appeal to be heard then".
Since then, numerous projected resolution dates have come and gone without anyone receiving the benefit of wisdom; waiting for January and February events to clarify the situation is a triumph of
optimism over historic reality.
Perhaps the most important fact to be accepted, if anything is to rise from the ashes, is that if the "new" Grand Lodge is to function long term and in a manner that other Jurisdictions will
respect, then there needs to be a fundamental change to French Freemasonry's relationship to the law of the Republique.
Many great minds well versed in such matters have attempted to see a way of marrying the accepted rites of Freemasonry in France to the State requirements as laid out by the element of the
Waldeck-Rousseau law from which sprung the act of 1901. Not to waste time, the conclusion is that the two are incompatible. Each time, since the mid 19th. century the Craft edifice has fractured,
the fault lines have been traced back to that fact.
To create an organisation that will stand the test of time it will a) be necessary to avoid compliance with the Association law and b) reject the pyramid structure that it demands. A masonic
institution (rite) is managed by an elected body, to whomm the Grand Master is responsible for the running of its Lodges. The G.M's are elected or re-elected annually. Whereas the core of the
adminstration is expected to serve between 4 and 10 years and reaches this ultimate position of power through a combination of seniority, outstanding service and achievement.
It will be a long hard road to universal acceptance and regularity, requiring an understanding of the fundamental structures employed by Grand Lodges beyond the Hexagon. For more than one hundred
and fifty years, there have been a variety of attempts to achieve what is practiced in harmony and peace in other lands, sadly, unsuccessfully,
There is a way forward, but it will need to be mapped out and created in tranquility with a body of men of goodwill, experience and wisdom, avoiding the pitfalls of the current ill-fated policy of
make-do and mend.
In fraternal friendship.

Winnie 12/13/2011 10:01

Maître legrand has received a court summons to produce the account books. The case will be heard on January 5th. That will be a start on the GLNF treasure
hunt. Within the opposition there are brethren who are particularly well-versed in the arts of the financial industry in hiding things. For a long while now we have a very clear picture of the
web of business structures that Charbonniaud, Foellner and Stifani have spun. There are approxilmately 30 satellite structures, mostly property, generally in the form of a "société civile
immobilière", similar to a private property trust in anglo-saxon law. Miss monique is in no rush to let the opposition in to look at the books. Why kill the goose that lays golden eggs of such
high value. And one such egg per month is more than enough to live on. How much is the GLNF worth ? Difficult to say. The market in second-hand masonic temples is a fairly narrow one. I have read
figures varying from 30 to 55 million euros. What we don't know is how much the liquid assets are worth ? The Bellot audit concluded that the brethren have been payinbg as much as 20% too much in
dues for a number of years. So, even with a high lifestyle being led by stifani and those close to him there should be a nice nest-egg remaining. It is only the question of the GLNF assets that
keeps the opposition within the GLNF. So many of us have not only paid over the years but we have also laboured in renovating temple buildings, making the various regalia and decorations. We are
not about to hand all that to Stifani on a silver platter. If there wasn't the question of assets most of us would have left the GLNF months ago. The probable outcome after the January 13th
appeals court decision and the february 4th AGM of the GLNF Association will be that the opposition will remain as members of the GLNF Association just long enough to get the court case under way
to obtain part of the assets. At the same time we will leave the GLNF masonic structure to create or join an obedience with crystal clear statutes and by-laws that will ensure that the Grand
Master will be titular head but with limited powers and that the Brethren will have a right of empeachment. It is important that the Brethren regain international respect and recognition and,
above all, that they can once again labour in harmony and dignity. The problems currently confronting the GLNF date back at least 15 years. it will take us time to put the machine back on the
rails but I'm sure you have detected in the various Myosotis blogs a determination to get it right.

David Roper 12/12/2011 19:30

Amongst the wreckage of the disgraceful events of this year, there is one element that confuses me. "Resign, Resign"......but he did, in January. Please accept his resignation for what it is, do
not fall into the web of a master sophist. Accept his resignation of January, move on without distraction, you have right and might on your side. To spend time concerning yourselves with a spent
force is to delay the precious time needed to reconstruct "Regular" Craft 'masonry in France.
It is a big task, and will take a considerable time to put matters on an level base once more. To be distracted by the demented utterings of the deranged is to delay the task of building the new
There are many matters to be resolved by a small band of specialists, fiscal, legal, etc. but they should not delay proceeding with the "new order". The GLNF carries too much "baggage" with it for
it to ever be considered as the base for a Jurisdiction that wishes to work within the accepted norms.

Onward and upward.

Winnie 12/12/2011 21:02

Stifani resigned his positionas president of the GLNF Association (Law of 1901), a non-masonic organisation that exists for the administrative aspect of the
GLNF. A 1901 association id the only non-commercial structure recognised by the French legal system. The GLNF statutes and by-laws contradict one another which enables stifani to pretend that he
is still grand master. And he's a lawyer who uses every trick in the book to delay the inevitable court decision that will confirm the illegality of his stance (next january 13th). In the
meantime we have to put up with the situation. We are ready to spend the necessary time rebuilding regular Traditional Freemasonry here in France. Unfortunately that will probably not be within
the GLNF structure. Things have deteriorated to such a degree that I believe the GLNF cannot be saved. Onward and upward, I agree, but let's just wait until january 13th AND February 4th, the
rescheduled AGM of the GLNF Association, necessary to protect the assets that Stifani so wants to keep for his little clique.

Stolkim 12/07/2011 10:49

I was there in Levallois-Perret on last saturday and I can Confirm all what you have written about this Ceremony. Not any "Nazi" or "Fascit" sign or shout ...This is pure propaganda to bring into
discredit the very large majority*** of Brethen who show him how wrong he was ... but i think He's no more able to "see" anything but himself !
*** For me, it was about 75 % of the 2.000 Brethen in the Hall (Remind that Brethen the 200 "wired" Lodges were not admitted and staid ourside)... Perhaps it's why he intends to organize quicky
another ceremony in a Temple (in Pisan) containing only 500 places !!!
My apologize for my very poor English ... I would like to tell ALL THE TRUTH tou our english Brethen. Please do it fou us !

Winnie 12/07/2011 11:25

Dear Brother Stolkim, Thank you for confirming what actually took place inside the stadium on Saturday. The majority in the right showed François Stifani
that his behaviour will no longer be tolerated by the Brethren. And even if he convenes his next assembly in the Great Temple at Pisan we will make ourselves heard. And his greatest obstacle will
be the AGM of the GLNF Association, a date he cannot avoid, an assembly that he cannot chair. And therefore, an assembly over which he has even less control than last Saturday.

And don't worry about one or two slight mistakes in your English. Your true feelings come through and our readers appreciate your comment.

John Sage 12/06/2011 22:27

Have a look at this web site and check out the video link. Apart from the fact the language is French it sounds just like an address by Adolf Hitler at one of the Nazi rallies!

Winnie 12/07/2011 10:07

Brother John, if you want an even more graphic presentation, watch the 6.41 minute video of Stifani's speech mentioned in the article FS = Fiasco