IMPORTANT NOTICE National & Provincial ULRF Conventions

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In the continuation of direct communication with the GLNF Brethren the Union des Loges Régulières de France (ULRF) will be holding National and Provincial Conventions open to all Brethren.


The Provincial Conventions will occur on Saturday January 7th, 2012. It is hoped to cover every GLNF Province. Details of times, venues and programme  will be announced in the very near future.


The National Convention will occur on Saturday January 28th, 2012. Similar to the provincial conventions the time, venue and programme will be announced as soon as possible.


Brethren, if you feel concerned at the lamentable state of the GLNF today, if you are heartily sick and tired of the internal crisis that has been dragging on for more than two years, if you are seeking a way out of the labyrinth while still remaining part of Regular, Recognised Traditional Freemasonry, here is your opportunity to obtain the necessary information, to participate in the discussions and to contribute positively to the reconstruction of French Regular Freemasonry.


No matter where you are in France, no matter what your Rite, be you in a Lodge that has already rallied to the ULRF or in a divided one, or you are isolated in a Lodge where most of the Brethren support the current national management, come to the Provincial Convention. It will be your opportunity to individually join the ULRF.


In no way does your joining the ULRF mean you are resigning or leaving the GLNF. On the contrary, joining the ULRF will strengthen your voice of opposition to François Stifani. You are one of thousands, you are in the majority within the GLNF. That was more than amply demonstrated at Levallois Perret on Saturday December 3rd.




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GARGOUILLE 12/15/2011 11:02

If I undestand clearly, the 28th of January will be for the delegates only , Shouldn't these delegates be the representatives of each signatory loge and the ULRF or are they limited to a limited
number by provinces ? The 3 weeks laps between the two conventions, coming soon after the "Judgement'Day" seems to be a little short and might have to include a strong signal ont the "final
decision" at hands rather than the consolidation of the previous provincial meetings!
However I do understand the necessity to lay down somme basic structures capable of answering to the needs of numerous brethren eager to go about their masonic affairs!

Winnie 12/15/2011 11:37

From my reading of the ULRF communiqué and their letter N° 5, during the provincial conventions on January 7th each Province will elect its delegates to the
national convention on january 28th. There is no mention of the number of delegates each province can elect. Nor the criteria for selecting the delegates. Any interested Brother is invited to the
convention in his province. so it would seem that the election of delegates will be on a provincial basis and not on one of the representativity of Lodges who have adhered to the ULRF. The letter
N° 5 does state that a working document will be distributed in the very near future. No doubt some of your questions will be answered by it. The 3 week time lapse between the provincial and
notional conventions may seem short but I feel the timing is excellent. If the appeals court brings down its decision on january 13th we will know where we stand. And if  the administrator
adheres to her calendar the AGM is scheduled for february 4th. By January 28th the AGM agenda will be known and the elected provincial delegates will be able to agree upon a united position. What
is most important is to get all these administrative problems behind us and to get on with masoning.