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Remember the letter dates January 1st (he even works on New Years Day !!) and received on the 3rd where our spiritual guide, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer and recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace announced,


“…That is why I have decided today to stop by ordinance the suspension measures concerning all brothers called before the National Disciplinary Council and I invite immediately the Provincial Grand Masters to do the same without delay.”


Have any of you seen one of the signed ordinances ?


Have any of you heard one of these ordinances read in a Lodge meeting ?


It would appear that the expression “without delay” is somewhat elastic in our self-proclaimed guide’s mind. Let us not forget that 58 weeks ago for conservatory reasons he suspended an number of Brothers for 3 months.


This “intellectual provisory detention” is abject and “unputupwithable” for an association which pretends to be : “a free association of free and independent men engaged upon a quest of spiritual elevation seeking to perfect themselves morally and practicing the ideals of peace, friendship and brotherhood”.


Our spiritual guide continues to perfect the art of announcing decisions he has no intention of applying. It is surprising that those who claim to hold high the banner of the GLNF, those do-gooders, those ayatollahs of right and fundamental liberties, those who chant mindlessly Justice and Equity, that they have not risen up publicly against this latest outrage of the self-proclaimed guide.


Aristotle taught us, “Courage is the first human quality, because it guarantees all the others”.

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