Indignant Brethren, Police, Gorillas Incorporated and a Bailiff

Published on by Winnie

Pisan this morning at 9 a.m. GLNF Brethren summonsed to appear before the “Disciplinary Council” for so-called unethical masonic behaviour. A number of indignant GLNF members were there to support them. Gorillas Incorporated won’t let them in because they haven’t got the little blue sticker. The Police have been called in case an incident occurs. A bailiff (“huissier de justice” in French, almost impossible to translate !) is there to witness and, if necessary, make an affidavit. After the bailiff confirmed that the indignant members of the GLNF had the right to enter “their” building Gorillas Incorporated allowed them to pass. And there was a photographer. To view 3 photos of the shameful incident go to the blog of “L’Express” journalist, François Koch. link

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