Is Monique collecting her mail ???

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Is Monique collecting her mail ???


On  Monday march 7th, Winnie, moderator of the LML in English blog, concerned at the slow progress being made towards the fixing of a date for the Annual General Assembly of the GLNF Association, and at great expense to the LML in English management, sent a registered letter with delivery confirmation to the ad hoc administrator at her professional address, 13 Boulevard des Invalides, 75007 Paris. Using the “belt, braces and 2 metres of string in case the pants still fall down” principle Winnie sent copies of the letter by snail mail to the Vincent Gladel, President of the National Council of Legal and Mandated Administrators and to Patrice Kurz, Vice-President of the Paris Supreme Court who nominated Maître Legrand in the first place.


No news from the Vice-president of the court but we all know how snowed under our judges are. And the LML in English postal address is far away in the French provinces.


But in today’s mail Winnie received a personally signed letter dated just yesterday from President Vincent Gladel.


Dear Sir,


I have received the copy of your letter dated March 7th addressed to Maître Legrand. Its content has my full attention.


I will contact Maître Legrand and will keep you informed.


Please accept my sincerest greetings,


Vincent Gladel


President Gladel’s letter took only 24 hours to arrive. Yet more than a fornight after having posted it Winnie has still to receive confirmation of the delivery of his registered letter to Maître Legrand whose office is only 10 minutes away from President Gladel’s. The arrival of President Gladel's reply is proof that the La Poste is operating efficiently.


Could it be that the GLNF ad hoc administrator has decided to not even collect registered mail she believes might have come from a discontented member of the GLNF ??? Or could it be that she is too busy poring over the books with Henry the Beancounter trying to find the missing millions ???


Rest assured dear readers, LML in English will keep you informed of developments.




Don’t let the bastard grind you down !!!

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TONTON BERETTA de LA BUTTE 03/15/2011 16:16

Bonjour Mes Freres ,

LML in English est chez Tonton !


Winnie 03/16/2011 07:40

Dear Brother Uncle Beretta,

Thanks for the link. Loved your latest salvo aimed at Acacia, the Pisan Ministry of (dis) Information.

Nil illegitimus carborundum - Don't let the bastard grind you down !!!