Is Stif stuffed ?

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The news fell late last night :


Faced with François Stifani’s latest outrageous denial of reality by trying to turn the rejection of the AG’s 9th resolution to his advantage, Miss Monique, authorised by Justice Kurz, has changed the locks on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker. Ephesse no longer has access to the most compromising files. He can no longer despatch suspension and exclusion ordinances like confetti at a wedding. The GLNF membership list is now off limits . As is the editorial staff of Brevda . I suppose he’s had to hand in his keys to the drinks cabinet and the executive washroom as well. We are taught to be tolerant but I would have like to have been a fly on the wall when he heard the news !


But that’s not all, folks. Henry the Beancounter has been told by Miss Monique that hemust no longer execute any of Ephesse’s orders. Failure to respect this requirement will result in immediate dismissal. We have heard that this goes for all the GLNF salaried staff but cannot give confirmation of it.


And it never rains, it pours. Once again because of François Stifani’s surrealistic interpretation of the resolution 9 result, his close ally, member of the inner guard, Grand Orator, member of the cardboard “administration board” and personal lawyer, Balloo the Legal Bear has resigned. With his departure Ephesse has really lost one of the heavyweights of his Pretorian Guard.


It appears that Miss Monique is in discussion with the Opposition leaders to envisage an interim administration for the period until such time as a new AG or extraordinary AG can be organised. Who will form this interim administration is yet to be announced. And all the other questions that immediately arise will be addressed  in due time.


LML in English will keep you informed of developments. But one thing is sure, the headline announces the colours, even if the beast is not yet dead.

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Arturusrex 02/08/2012 19:38

Dear Winnie
I like your propensity for good saxon alliteration. Chivalry in the medieval texts is mostly expressed that
a-way. Chivalry nowadays is hardly expressed at all, especially in our masonic bodies all wrapped up in their administrative and legalistic not-niceties.
We all like to let off steam some times, so may I do just that and offer LML in English a bit of original doggerel only just worthy of the mess we are in,
Here we go:

As Trojans All, we Trojans fall.
We were the finest, richest, best;

I put that in the past tense
Or it would have no sense.

And now we're beset by the pest.

We mastered the horse
And were called Philippi
And mastered the craft as Hiram Abi,
Till, in sloth we squandered our force.

And their horse stood there by the wall.....

You know the rest of the story;
We let it in.
They ruined our Fable.
our excuses are corny,
And very thin.

Do we want aother Babel?

Fainer my old Round Table!