Is the spiritual guide schizophrenic ?

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Here at LML in English we don’t have an in-house shrink but we feel there is a definite need for one on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker. One can have a change of heart, perhaps even a radical character change over a reasonable period (for example, from December 4th 2009 to January 3rd 2011). But a total about face in just 4 days is surely one for the casebooks.


We are all accustomed to the insulting, gutter bred vocabulary of our spiritual guide, Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer and recipient of unsolicited mail from the French President. Just last Friday, December 31st, he launched off one of his best in the French Riviera daily, Nice Matin, calling his critics within the GLNF “miasmas”. (See “Have a Nice Matin, Miasmas !!!”, LML in English). That little one had most of us reaching for the Larousse or the Concise Oxford. On a similar note the slightest voice raised in protest or criticism is sanctioned with suspension, exclusion, radiation, etc, be it on an individual basis or collectively. Where else have you seen an entire Masonic Province of 1500 Brothers disappear up its collective fundamental orifice at the stroke of a pen from a manic dictator?


So, you will be surprised to read the letter the Grand Master (I’m tempted to say, ”Guru Miasmic” but my mother told me to always be polite to people) sent to all the Brothers of the GLNF on January 1st. Not being part of the serail I received mine yesterday, January 3rd. Read it carefully, bearing in mind he called us “miasmas” on December 31st and wrote the following on January 1st. Maybe the New Year champagne and foie gras had a bad effect upon him !!



Very dear and beloved Brethren,


It seemed important to me that the first measures taken at this start of the year were a concretisation faithful to the will to make peace that drives me, peacemaking that I hope will be shared by all.


That is why I decided today to stop by ordinance the suspension measures concerning all the Brothers called before the National Council of Discipline and I invite the Provincial Grand Masters to do the same, without delay.


The process of reform and evolution of the GLNF that I instigated is now fully engaged and it concerns each of us. Every Brother, no matter what his position concerning the differences that we painfully endure must have it in his heart to bring his active contribution. It is together that we will advance upon the way of a new serenity.


As well, concerning the Brethren of the former Province of the Loire Valley, I invite them fraternally to approach the Council of the Wise and the Grand Orator whom I mandate to take up the threads of dialogue. For me, within our Obedience there are no differences that cannot be settled by dialogue and exchange.


At this beginning of the year we must engage with all our strength and without afterthought upon the paths of reconciliation and peace. May 2011 allow the GLNF to find once more harmony and unity on the basis of its fundamental values.


I trust that these words strike a favourable note in your hearts.


François Stifani – Grand Master



Has Stifani got a new ghostwriter over the past few days ? Has the spiritual guide been at the spirits or are they sniffing something new on the 3rd floor ?


Or could it be that a collective panic has hit the bunker ? Tomorrow, January 5th, the Paris Court brings down its decision on Stifani’s appeal against the December 7th judgement? The legal eagle’s that LML in English have consulted are adamant that the court will reject his appeal, in which case a new general assembly in a single location must be organised without delay and a firm item on its agenda must be the revocation of the President of the association (Stifani) and all members of the board named by him. Any wonder the Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles has brought out the lolly trolley ?


Fortunately, here at LML in English, we gave up believing in Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy quite some time ago. Sceptic miasmas that we are, we submitted Stifani’s epistle (Could it be a forgery ? After all , there’s a well publicised precedent !!) to the discerning eye of César at the Bar de la Marine, well known to readers of Myosotis PACA. His analysis is without appeal. It’s genuine Stifani at his mellifluous and Tricky Dicky top.


“Does the raising of the suspension measures mean that all the disciplinary procedures, be they past or still current, would be purely and simply annulled ?


NO, absolutely NO !!!!


A suspension measure is merely an accessory and non-obligatory aspect of the disciplinary procedure which consist in forbidding a brother to appear in Lodge, while awaiting his appearance before the Council of Discipline, to be judged and, eventually, sanctioned (article 16.2.1 of the Internal Rules of the GLNF).


The suspension measure is merely a conservatory measure.


He never wrote : I annul all the current disciplinary procedures.

He never wrote : I raise all the sanctions already pronounced.

He never wrote : I reintegrate the excluded Brethren.


He has only raised the accessory and provisory measures which forbade a certain number of Brothers to work in Lodge.


It is even a backwards step in relation to his promise in his letter of good wishes of December 30th where he undertook to “envisage the means of reintegration of the excluded Brothers”.”


It would seem in order to suggest to the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the French President to tell the ghost-writing pool on the 3rd floor to get its act together. But no doubt it’s too late. With the Paris Court bringing down its decision in less than 24 hours, the rats are already leaving the SS Stifanatic.




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