It’s been a bloody awful year – 2nd episode !!!

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It’s been a bloody awful year – 2nd episode !!!


By The Serious Black Penguin

from an article by Sirius Black on Myosotis Maine Atlantique link


What a pathetic sight our GLNF presents….after just 4 years into the reign of Ephesse 1st !


How can one man have ruined so much in such a brief period ?


It’ all a plot !


Or so our self-proclaimed spiritual guide suggests. It’s never his fault. Pick your target : FMR – Myosotis, the PGMs, the Jurisdictions, the UGLE. Why not all of us together ? The way he speaks you’d think Ephesse 1st was the editor in chief of one of those French public affairs weeklies which regularly seeks to boost its circulation by putting Freemasonry on its cover, preferably linked to the usual platitudes about power struggles in the corridors of power, the cabinet room, the murkier corners of the finance industry, etc.


Over the past 18 months many have written about t(he sick and sorry state of the GLNF. Let’s look at what they’ve penned, not the fierce adversaries of Ephesse 1st,  but his closest allies and advisors.


        1. March 2010 – Jean-Charles FOELLNER (in a note to Ephesse 1st, following the General Assembly) :


The massively negative vote (at least one of his advisors concluded it was both massive & negative !) wasn’t against the accounts but against the Grand Master and the structures.” It expresses “the exasperation of the Brethren”…and Big Moustache concludes, I advise you to hold the election of Grand Master at the end of 2010 instead of at the end of 2012. I believe that is the only way to calm things doxn and for the GLNF to not lose face with the other obediences and the public opinion.”


It is unfortunate that the honorary Consul general for Djibouti in Marseilles did not follow this excellent advice and that Big Moustache quickly fell back into rank behind his successor.


N.B. There is a very strong rumour that this letter was in fact a smokescreen manoeuvre put together jointly by the Air Bongo frequent flyer and Big Moustache. LML in English can neither confirm nor deny it.


  1. March 2011 – Alain JUILLET (named Chairman of the council of the elders by Ephesse 1st and placed in charge of the Reform Commission, therefore enjoying the full confidence (in its 2 meanings !!) of the Big Boss).


“….you are seeking to gain time and put off the inevitable date of your departure”.

“Refusing to accept Reality, you are on a collision course with the future, transferring the responsibility for the current crisis to others.”

“… you are dragging the GLNF  into a blind alley and the only way out is explosion, court liquidation or a coup d’état !”


  1. April 2011 – Jean-Claude TRIBOUT (National Grand Inspector in charge of Communication including, among other publications, “Brèves”, the official journal of the Pisan Propaganda Ministry). Faithful among the faithful, had his personal key to the Sanctum Sanctorum…. until his “belated” departure in April 2011.


“The exclusions falsify the composition and the functioning of these assemblies (SGC and GA) just prior to important dates and inevitably raise the question concerning the sincerity of the forthcoming ballots.” He also denounces the more than doubtful links between the GLNF and Scribe.


  1. April 2011 – Serge COIMBRA – PAULO (WM of the National RER Instruction Lodge, also given the responsibility by the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace to form the WM’s Collge)


“the feeling is unanimous that this crisis will dissipate with your departure !”


  1. May 2011 – Jean-Louis TRIFFAUT (twice named PGM for Bretagne Province by he who wears the biggest blue apron, the 2nd time for a record-breaking period of only 5 days !)


“My  nomination was becoming a complete masquerade; you cannot act in this way if you have a minimum of respect for others.”


      6. May 2011 – Paul STUDNIA (Assistant Grand Master, in charge of the Commission for Gracious Recourse, Chairman of the Board of directors of Scribe, 91 years old, more than 50 years a member of the GLNF)


“You were obliged to hold a so-called Meeting of Grand Lodge like a coward, hidden away, alone in your office.”

“You go from ridiculous stages to failures and now you add insult to injury and indignity.”


  1. May 2011 – Alain NEMARQ (national grand Orator, named in December 2010….replacing J-P SER…who, despite describing Ephesse 1st as the “intermediary between God and the Brethren” (sic), was deemed to be not sufficiently servile)


The measures you take are incoherent, useless unreasonable and painful. You will be the one who, in History, will take the responsibility for the explosion of the Organisation !”


  1. May 2011 – Resignation of the Council of the Elders (2nd version) named by the Pisan tyrant (the 1st having had the temerity to give an unfavourable opinion to a proposition from the same Pisan tyrant)


“Faced with the recent aggravation of the crisis the grand master did not feel it worthwhile to consult us for our opinion.”


  1. August 2011 – Jean-Claude TARDIVAT (Deputy grand Master, in charge of international relations)


“This mission was sabotaged by decisions and arbitrary sanctions taken by a grand m aster who is convinced he is the victim of a plot : plot by the PGMs, plot by the Jurisdictions of the Higher Degrees, plot by the brethren and now a plot by the Grand Lodges of the entire world.”

Daily the obedience plunges deeper into the arbitrary, intolerance and the ridiculous.

 “It is impossible for me to support passively the multiple deviations that create such a mess and lead to isolation and irregularity.


August 2011 – Claude CHARBONNIAUD Past grand master of the GLNF….who supported our self-proclaimed spiritual guide up till now) in an interview with François Koch, “L’Express – la Lumière”


“I can no longer remain silent in the face of the evolution of the crisis.”

“Several European Grand Lodges have already sounded the alarm and today we must admit the possibility if not the probability of the withdrawal of our recognizance as a Regular Grand Lodge. The aggravating circumstance being the suspension announced and envisaged by the UGLE that we always consider historically as the Mother Grand Lodge.

“It is certain that the rules covering the designation of members of the SGC by the grand Master and its functioning need to be reviewed. The current situation demonstrates the need. Who could be guarantor of the reliability of the capital vote for the designation of the candidate to the Grand Mastership ? The least that can be said is that there will be doubts about the results the moment new National grand officers are named since they are automatically members of the SGC.”


Do you want François Stifani to depart the Grand Mastership ?


“Yes, I declare so without hesitation for I feel that his presence will be an obstacle to the outcome of all tentative to reconciliation and re-establishment of order. A management is appreciated because of its results, the present one is deplorable, disorder within, close to disintegration, rejected from without and a serious menace of the withdrawal of recognizance.”


End of the quotations : Deliberately we have chosen only the most faithful and those closest to Ephesse 1st and the wheel has turned full circle sincen beginning with his immediate predecessor (who co-opted him and put him where he is) we end with the previous Grand master, passing by his N° 2, his Orator, his Wisest among the Wise…etc).


There’s no need to go seeking among the writings of FMR or Myosotis or in the communiqués from the Jurisdictions or other Grand Lodges.


François Stifani is very definitely best served by his “own” !!!


He has led the GLNF to its soon to be withdrawn Recognition (and therefore its Regularity …..which becomes senseless if it is not “Recognised as such”).


But above all….he is leading it STRAIGHT INTO IMPLOSION !!!


Don’t come accusing FMR or Myosotis, he was warned by those closest to him…as were YOU !


The Serious Black Penguin

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