It’s been a bloody awful year !!!

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By : The Serious Black Penguin


The masonic year we have just endured is certainly the worst the GLNF has known in its entire, almost century long history.


And whose fault is that ?


You know the answer to that one as well as I do….the management who, over a little more than a decade, by subtle and surreptitious changes to the Statutes and By-Laws, have transformed the GLNF of the 1990s into an “instrument” in the hands of a clique, all totally devoted to a megalomanic and completely paranoid Grand Master. They have completely led our Obedience astray to the point that today it has become :


  1. A “money tree” of an inordinate opacity, be it in the caritative branches or the property ones. We will leave it to the Ministry of Justice to determine in the near future if the sums collected and their use were in conformity with the interests and objectives of our association.


  1. A “recruitment agency” (I hesitate to use the term “headhunter” for fear that it’s 2nd meaning could be applied), privileging quantity over quality…. The Lodges of Excellence have no meaning at all in Masonry. Their only reason for being was to stack the numbers in the shortest possible time.


  1. A “flattery will get you everywhere” machine where anyone who failed to bow down to Ephesse 1st was immediately and permanently “withdrawn” from circulation (for example, the magician’s wand disappearance of the Council of the Elders), in total violation of all the texts that govern our internal relations (a further example, WMs “withdrawn” from the GLNF Register in an iniquitous fashion…. by a simple (in all senses of the word !!!) National Secretary with total disregard of all texts and procedures.)


On the other hand…. Any Brother having the capacity and desire to defend with the most flagrant and blatant bad faith each and every act of the “Little Big Man” could bank upon a masonic career path defying all logic and laws of physics. After an all too brief period as a “Master” he was off to the stratospheric heights of great masonic responsibility…. Thus becoming an “INDIGNITARY” faster than the speed of Light, without having given the slightest indication of the beginning of any proof whatsoever of the Dignity necessary in occupying such high office.


We have witnessed PGMs being appointed in conditions resembling an Oscar Wilde farce…. conditions that were certainly no guarantee of longevity….the record being (temporarily) held by a PGM in Brittany….who didn’t even have the time to be installed !.... a PGM in the Val de Loire who didn’t even have the time to find where his office was….before the entire Province (1500 brethren !) disappeared up its own fundamental orifice at the stroke of a Stifanatical pen !....And last, but not least, the most recent “graduation class” whose installation ceremony too k place in a broom closet on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker while the opposition waited downstairs with the tar and feathers !


  1. An organisation having lost Recognition (despite it’s being a “fundamental”) of the UGLE and the foreign Grand Lodges geographically and historically close to the GLNF. Yes, the suspension is only provisory (for the moment), but everything indicates (particularly the English temperament) that, because of the hallucinatory reaction of the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles, the GLNF has as much chance of regaining international recognizance in the foreseeable future as a snowflake has in hell…. But our self-proclaimed spiritual guide is above all that !


  1. An association whose aim is spiritual elevation by initiation….which is disowned by the highest authorities in the domain : the Jurisdictions of the Initiatory Orders. The same observation as for the Recognizance : the reaction by the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace ; suspension of the Commanders of these Orders, “forbidding them all masonic activity” ( complete and utter madness !). All hope is lost of the re-establishment of relations, despite that being a fundamental inherent to the very existence of the GLNF !


  1. An organisation under the boot of the CHIEF who successfully accumulates all the errors :


sumptuous spending of all possible varieties (Wagram, the restaurant bill at the Jules Verne restaurant, unjustified and unnecessary travel…etc)

repeated lies (the true – false letter to the Elysée Palace, the symbolic and patriotic letter to the UGLE …on July 14th…. I could go on, the list is long !)

non respect (total disrespect), by way of repeated manoeuvres and delaying tactics of the most twisted variety, of the decision of the French Courts (the judgements of December 7th, 2010 and January 5th, 2011, for example)

non respect of the Constitutions of the Order ; a single example, no need to go any further : Article 1 of the constitutions of “the Grand Lodge”, sub-article 1-3, first line : “The Grand Lodge meets formally on the 1st Saturday of December each year”. On that day in December 2010 François Stifani was still Grand Master – President and had no valid excuse for not adhering to this most basic of obligations !

non respect of the Rule in 12 Points : Even the most indulgent cannot deny that at least points 6 – 10 – 11 – 12 have been denied by the Ex Grand Master – President.

Non respect of even the most elementary rules of management of all Associations or Societies : The President who resigned in January still occupies the Association offices over 7 months later, uses the Association’s salaried personnel at his will, presents expense claims for travel and representation to the ad hoc administrator, these claims having had no authorisation from the representative organs of the association (General Assembly), continues to use the Association’s letterhead for his own purposes….etc…


The logical follow on to this pitiful litany is the resignation by the N° 2 of the GLNF, Jean-Claude Tardivat. His letter has already been translated and commented on LML in English under the title “First Stifani sacks Tardivat, now Tardivat sacks Stifani !!!”

Comment on this post 08/13/2011 22:20

I have been told that the GLUA is creating new district in France so that lodges and brethen continue to work on regular basis, out of the scope of this pity GLNF. Apparently, the Tardivat case is
the first step. Do you have some information on this?

Winnie 08/14/2011 11:25

Like you we have heard these rumours. LML in English can give no confirmation. At the moment the UGLE has only suspended relations with the GLNF. Before
anything else can happen there would need to be a formal withdrawal of recognizance, which cannot occur before the next meeting of Grand Lodge in september, where the GLNF question is already on
the agenda. As soon as we have something concrete we'll post it.