It’s been a bloody awful year !!! (Part 3) The possible ways out of hell

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By The Serious Black Penguin

From an article by Sirius Black posted on Myosotis Maine Atlantique link


Even the closest collaborators to Ephesse 1st agree that the GLNF is up to its arse in alligators. But how is it all going to end ?


We are all on edge at this beginning of the new French masonic year….. several major events are superimposed one upon the other, not the least being the installation of the new WMs and the court decisions that we have been waiting for these past long months.


Let’s try to analyse the situation :




       - On September 8th the Paris Court of Appeal will meet BUT DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING of that meeting !!! The court is merely going to verify that it now has all the documents in its possession, these documents having been supplied by the lawyer representing the “13 voluntary Brethren” (???!!!)…..all of them friends on the Riviera of our self-proclaimed spiritual guide, who all (most cleverly !!!) appeared in this appeal case.


And, what’s more (and you must admit that the coincidence is somewhat offputting !) these conclusions were deposited (by an oversight, no doubt) with the wrong court department ! …..which prevented the court bringing down its decision on July 1st, thereby postponing it once again for another 2 months.


We should not be surprised by these delaying tactics because they are an integral part of the strategy of the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles (he uses the same techniques for the meeting notices of the SGC, they also are constantly postponed).


Do you remember, the day after the AG of April 25th, 2010….. Ephesse 1st promised a new AG…….before last Summer !!! Yes, I mean Summer 2010 !!!

He “cobbled” one together for us…..on October 16th, 2011 but the job was so shoddy it fell apart all over France ending up in a variety of locations !

He declared the December 7th court decision invalid. He began by writing that he was delighted that the appeal court had not questioned the 5 year duration of his mandate…..and that he will accept the ministry of Justice’s decision by organising the AG “without delay”….but 2 days later, on the flimsy pretext of a decision by the GLNF Association Board (that must be the first and very definitely the ONLY TIME that the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace ever took the slightest notice of the Board’s opinion) announced that he was appealing….on summary judgement ( at the same time as another appeal on the very basis of the subject). He knows only too well that the more you complicate a case before the courts, the longer it will take to unravel the spaghetti !

On January 5th, 2011 (another month up his sleeve !) the judge rejected his appeal…. Nothing could further delay the execution of the decision.

Ah; but yes ! a new “double” manoeuvre : “resign” his DGM… then resign himself. There was no longer the body to organise the AGM until such time as FMR obtained the appointment of an ad hoc administrator.

And there, the Air Bongo N° 1 frequent flyer managed to pull the wool over our and her eyes by convincing her that it was unreasonable to organise the AGM without knowing the result of the 2nd appeal, announced for APRIL (that’s false, obviously…Miss Monique COULD HAVE ORGANISED THE AGM, but more the time passes, less the AGM was pertinent (and all the more fees accrued to Miss Monique’s credit).

From April, the judgement day was put off…. to June 24th…then to July 1st….. and now we’re back at the very beginning…. On September 8th.

      8 whole months for the man who writes 13 letters to Nicolas Sarkozy and still hasn’t got his gong !! BRAVO, Ephesse !!!

And on September 8th the judge will simply announce …..a future date …..when he will bring down his judgement.

If the apparent “anger” of the judge on July 1st was sincere, perhaps he will fix a date in the very near future (a fortnight ?)….if not, we’ve got another TWO MONTHS to wait !


THREE HYPOTHESES on the court of appeal decision :


Scenaroi N° 1


The court invalidates the December 7th decision and declares that the October 16th 2010 AGM was valid…. Champagne for Ephesse and all who dwell in his shadow : the dues are IMMEDIATELY DUE, the money tree sprouts new growth….the Pisan tyrant has all the time in the workld to organise the AGM for the 2010 – 2011 masonic year. He also can decide however it pleases him “who has voting rights”….after having eliminated the Suspended WMs and Lodges, those who are not up to date with their dues, etc.

With the exception of those who are sufficiently masochistic to believe in lost causes….the opponents can close the door on the way out !


Scenario N° 2


The court confirms the December 7th judgement, the 2009 – 2010 accounts are still unapproved, the dues cannot be called legally…etc…Miss Monique must URGENTLY organise an AGM and begin the process of designation of a new president of the GLNF 1901 Association…..


….which raises 2 supplementary questions that the FMR lawyers put to the judge :


Can one “dissociate” the functions of president of the association and GM, when all our texts indicate that the 2 functions must be carried out by the same person (as a choice of adjective, “sinister” could have too many connotations).

On the basis of which electoral college will the vote be taken. We have maintained all along that it should be that which voted at the AGM of march 25th, 2010 or, in the worst possible case, that existing prior to the president’s resignation in January 2011 (everything after this date has been suppressed or selected with the aim to stack the meeting and obtain a pre-selected result in future ballots).


If the judge agrees with us on these 2 points, it is a total defeat for the self-proclaimed spiritual guide. He is no longer anything at all !! He will have held out for 18 months and allowed the incredible degradation of the situation and image of the GLNF blackening even further the overview of a “cataclysmic” mandate.


             Scenario N° 3


The court confirms the December 7th judgement (same as scenario n° 2) BUT MAKES NO PRONOUNCEMENT on the disjunction of the functions and on the electoral college.

The imbroglio persists and we are into an endless series of legal battles, the only known result being that the lawyers will all end up richer !!

 Who is ready to run a marathon clothed in a lawyer’s garb ? Only a masochistic minority !




Only scenario n° 2 would leave us any hope of a satisfactory way out….BUT….at present (as in scenario n° 2) it is Miss Monique who holds all the cards….she must organise the AGM before the end of October. She must also call a meeting of the College of Rightful Members (also called the SGC) but under what composition ?


Whether she throws a tantrum or not (most unlikely) …..whichever composition she chooses….from lists necessarily supplied by Henry the Beancounter (and we can’t believe that the Air Bongo N° 1 frequent flyer wouldn’t put his nose in somewhere !) one thing we are sure is most likely (after all the legal meanderings and proofs of bad faith that we’ve witnessed)….


The ballot results (both SGC and AGM) will be contested by whichever is the losing party (either one)….and the wheel turns again, appeals, delays, postponements, transfers….etc…until DECEMBER 2012, the end of the Pisan tyrant’s mandate.


We must recognise one quality he has : determination !! He has ALWAYS DECLARED that he would GO RIGHT TO THE END OF HIS MANDATE …. and now he has every chance of succeeding. BUT, what is even more worrying…. he has ALWAYS DECLARED that it will be HIM WHO WILL CELEBRATE THE GLNF CENTENARY….in 2013 !!! The Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles has every intention of running for a second mandate !!!


So, we’re not rid of the little bugger by a long shot !


Besides, the GLNF SITUATION has become intolerable.


François Stifani’s prococative behaviour has already succeeded in having us banned by international regular freemasonry. Our chances of recovering the recognition of the UGLE are nil for any management team driven directly or indirectly by the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace (for the English Brethren his backdated letter to the UGLE and the one sent to the “dignitaries” are the justification for irremediable rupture).


Each and every day the situation deteriorates : one or another of his former closest collaborators reveals to us the true personality of the Ex – GM.

Over the past 3 days we have learned of three more Grand Lodges that have suspended their recognition and forbidden all contact or reciprocal visits… The Grand Lodges of Canada Nova Scotia, Finland and the Dominicain Republic. In a telephone conversation with “Winnie” of LML in English the Nova Scotian Grand Secretary, Robert NORTHUP said, “The GLNF situation is a disaster !”


Currently the GLNF no longer has neither Recognizance and, consequently, nor Regularity (for Regularity without recognizance is neither more nor less than the Grande Loge de France from whom the GLNF separated in 1913 in order to obtain Recognizance !).


We want to labour IN REGULARITY !


It is the true DUTY of EVERY MASON TO BE RESPONSIBLE. Don’t trouble us with mealy mouthed words about “oaths” ! The oaths we took were not to a MAN…. But to respect certain VALUES….the same ones he twists and deforms daily and which the entire world recognises the fact today.


There remains ONE & ONLY ONE WAY OUT : But only a strong move can prevent Ephesse 1st from wearing us down:


Get your Lodge to join the “UNION DES LOGES REGULIERES, the only “multi-Rite” assembly, not linked to a candidate to the Grand Mastership or to such or such Chairman or President ….. and which is liable to rapidly regain the Recognition of the international Grand Lodges (it’s all they’re waiting for !)…. But the Union needs a minimum of 600 Lodges.


If your Lodge has not yet joined you can obtain all the information necessary on this linklink.


Discuss the subject at your next Lodge meeting and join via :


As always in Freemasonry, the way out depends upon each and every one of us, my Brethren……don’t wait for a judge to show us the way, don’t wait for a court-appointed administrator and certainly….. don’t wait for a USURPER !!!


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