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You may or may not have come across the new simplified form for joining the Union of Regular Lodges of France (URLF) which requires obligatorily all Brethren who wish to be considered as members to send in their own individual form.


We need you!   The National Convention is next Saturday ! The movement is starting to go ahead very fast now. We are currently processing over 300 individual applications every day.

The way out of the mess is close. And with the membership and assistance of you all, it will be easier to achieve.  


Please transfer this urgently to all English-speaking Brethren concerned whose adresses you have so that their enrolments are filled in and sent back to us this weekend. We hope we can count on you.


On- line adhesion link




Memberships of the URLF are multiplying in reaction to the present GLNF leaders' acts carried out in bad faith, their spurious legalistic arguments put forward, the corruption of our statutes and regulations, their refusal to acknowledge they have gone too far in search of personal priviledges and advantages instead of dealing with the essentials which are recognised, regular, traditional Free Masonry.

With our national Convent to be held next Saturday January 28th, and a General Assembly that could potentially be decisive and our salvation, if it were not  already seen to be contestable and contested, it is more than ever essential that each and every one of us should be committed alongside the ranks of the ULRF and determined to safeguard our fundamental masonic principles.

Many of you have pointed out that our procedures for individual membership applications were off-putting for those ill at ease with computers. (We remind you that even if your lodge has joined the ULRF, each individual brother must obligatorily also do so in order to be known and registered with us).

We have therefore put on lign a simple click-on joining form you can fill and send in in a couple of minutes.  

All those of you who have not yet done so, just click on the following link in blue in order to have membership of the ULRF under the category of the Rite or Working practised by your lodge.

Fraternally yours

The Secretary.

Union des Loges Régulière de France (ULRF)

9 rue Cardinal Mercier

75009 Paris


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